Written by creampieme

18 Mar 2007

This is a true story of a trip home one night, well as best as I can remember it cos I was pretty wasted. Basically I had been in town in my short skirt and top but hadn't pulled, so I was a bit annoyed as I staggered home. I was going passed an old mans pub when a couple of old guys, about fifty or sixty, came out. I asked them the time and we got chatting as we walked in the same direction.

Suddenly one of the them ran hi hand up the back of my skirt. I dont know who was more shocked, me at having a sixty year old man grabbing my arse, or him when he realised I had no knickers on. Straight away he pushed two fingers into my pussy and told his mate what a slag I was.

They bundled me behind some trees and started to grope me everywhere which made me horny as hell. while they pulled my skirt down and my top up I undid their belts and got their sixty year old cocks out and started wanking them. I wanked then and they fingered my arse an my pussy for a few minutes and then they pushed my head down so I started sucking the cock nearest me. The other guy got down under me and I started riding him while sucking his mate. I kept ramming my body down as hard as I could on the old guys cock while his friend stuffed everything except his balls down my throat so I could hardly breathe.

A couple of minutes later I felt the guy under me buck and shoot his load up me. His mate then pulled me off him and he pushed his cock into my pussy. He had obviously been close in my mouth because two pumps later he shot his load in me too. It must have been a while since either of them had fucked because they both came loads and it was running down my things and into my arsehole.

As a final present for them I scooped out some of their cum and smeared it onto my tongue and swallowed it.

I had never fucked an OAP before, but I can recommend it!