16 Jul 2019

Again time for another drink and a wander around the rooms, we settled on the big cinema room as a woman was getting a good fucking from 4 or 5 guys, we found a place to watch from and jane was playing with my cock again, she couldn't leave it alone tonight...not that I was complaining, we watched for 10 mins or so while the different guys changed places for there turn, I'm sure Jane would like that in the future, she then climed on to my cock and started riding me, her massive tits swinging away for all to see, she was still watching the action with the girl and guys while she fucked me, wow she is such a horny woman.

Everything calmed down and time for another drink, we met up with the guy who had fucked Jane in the hot tub, a good looking guy with a beard and a nice sized cock, we stood at one of the doors watching with him behind Jane, I needed to nip to the loo and when I returned he was stood behind her touching her, I looked at Jane and said doing you fancy going in the room for some fun? She just nodded and in we went to the big bed at the top of the room, we all took our towels off and Jane started sucking me while the guy went down on Jane's pussy, licking and fingering her now soaking wet cunt, she then started screaming "I'm going to squirt" but he just carried on and on until she flooded his face with cum, he loved it, I loved seeing it, until then I was the only one to make Jane squirt, I then turned to him to fuck her, he held his hard cock at the entrance to her soaking cunt and then pushed it in...again bareback, I pushed my cock further into Jane's mouth as he was fucking her, I was fucking her mouth muffling her moans as he kept thrusting into her pussy, I loved seeing her being fucked hard, after a few minutes we swapped places, Jane's was sucking her pussy juice off his cock while I filled the hole he had just come out off, it didn't take long till I felt a tingling in my balls and then I came probably as hard as I've ever done and filled her delicious cunt with my spunk.

Time for another breather and back to the hot tub to relax for a bit, it was nice to chill out and relax for half an hour, time was now getting on and one last stroll around we went in the glory hole and Jane sucked my cock for a while and then went in a room for a last bit of fun, we were on the bed having a bit of fun when an audience gathered by the door I nodded to a few guys to come in and they started playing and touching Jane, feeling her amazing tits and very wet pussy, I looked up and she had a cock either side of her taking it in turns to suck them, another guy got down towards her pussy, he had a big fat cock and slowly started to ease into her cunt, he was fucking her for about 5 mins and then Jane's had had enough....well and truly fucked for the night, with that it was almost closing time, time to get changed and back to the hotel to reflect on another amazing night.