Written by Col and Marion

21 Oct 2008

We have just returned from a holiday in Spain. My wife Marion, myself, Dave and our two friends Colin and June. We stayed in their apartment and visited a local beach at Cabopino. Marion and June both sunbathed topless, Marion with her 36dd and June with her 34c breasts. On the second day Colin took me for a walk along the beach to the nudist area. After a walk along the beach seeing plenty of exposed pussies and pricks he took me up into the dunes. After a few minutes he told me to follow him behind a large shrub. As we came came into a clearing hidden from view of the beach and main path I saw a female on all fours being shafted by a male. There was a male lying next to the woman fondling her breasts. I also saw another male sitting in between two shrubs, naked and wanking his prick. The male fucking the woman slapped her arse and she moved forward and laid on her back. I then noticed Colin slipping his trunks off, exposing his 8 inch hard prick. He told me to remove my trunks as this was the common courtesy thing to do when watching and waiting to be asked to join in. I never knew that Colin was up to this sought of thing. I later learnt from him that he and June sometimes came into the dunes and the furthest she had gone was wanking someone off. The bloke who was fucking the woman was now furiously wanking his prick facing the woman, who was now sitting up, resting against the bloke lying next to he. She had her legs slightly bent and spread wide. The male she was resting on, had one hand under her left leg and was fingering her pussy. The male wanking his prick gave a groan and shot his spunk over the woman, it landed on her tits and belly. She then beckoned over the other male who had been wanking and told him to stand in between her legs. This bloke had an enormous prick, about 11 inches. He stood in front of her and wanked away. The bloke she was lying on , who I found out was her husband was still fingering her and had been wanking his own prick with his right hand, motioned for me and Colin to come over. I was a bit nervous not having done anything like it before but followed Colin. The husband told us in English with a dutch accent to stand either side of his wife and wank off over her. The female had short blond hair, a lovely rounded pair of boobs, about 38dd, a shaved pussy and was aged about 30. Colin was wanking his prick and I started wanking mine. The bloke standing in front of the woman moved closer in between her legs. The woman then put her hands either side of his bum and pulled his prick into her mouth and started to suck him. This was too much for me and I came shooting a stream of come into the side of her face and shoulder. The bloke she was sucking withdrew and came over her face with a bucketful of come. He then moved away and Colin took his place. The woman told him to wait as she sat astride her husband and lowered herself onto his erect 10 inch prick. She then started to rise up and down and pulled Colin over towards her and wanked his prick and licking it as she went up and down. Colin then moaned and spunked over her chin and tits. Her husband then bucked as he came. The woman then stood up and took hold of a bottle of water and washed all the come of her body. On the way back to the girls, Colin said we will visit again tomorrow and she may let her both fuck her. Colin said he had fucked her a couple of years ago in the same spot. When we got back Marion and June both asked what we naughty boys had been up to.I told Marion what we had just done and said we should all go sun bathing on the nudist area tomorrow. To my surprise she said she would be up for getting an all over tan and any thing else would be a bonus. Later she told me that June had told her about what she and Colin do in the dunes and it turned her on thinking about sex in the open air and if i was game she would like to experience other men\'s cocks either by sucking or wanking them. She did not want penetration with a stranger, but did not mind if I fucked another female, even June if I wanted to. She might even let Colin fuck her on the beach in the dunes.To be continued.