Written by Ruckland2703

16 Apr 2008

The other week we went out in town with a group of friends, the alchool was flowing and the atmosphere was great, me and my girlfriends were dancing around by the bar the lads were watching us and bringing fresh drinks over every 10 secs or so, as the club was closing we weren't in the mood for the party to be over so eight of us decided to go back to a mates place, now we have all been quite adventurous in the past and that night was no different. We got back to our mates place, the guys went straight on to the PS3 and us girls straight into the cocktail mixing, the drinks were flowing and a few of us were getting horny, thats when it all began. Me and a girlfriend were trying to distract the lads away from the PS3 by snogging each others faces off as this wasnt working i slipped my mates skirt to one side and her moist warm pussy was calling for a good seeing to so i started to tease her by slowly putting my fingers up her cunt while tongueing her clit driving her wild, this got the guys attention and they soon were joining in to what became a really good fuck fest. First the other half shoved his cock up me hard and fast just as i like it, with another lad in my mouth and my mate being fucked up the arse , in the cunt all at the same time whilst we were both wanking a girlfriend of on one hand and their boyfriend on the other hand. We spent the whole night getting fucked by each other every way immaginable.As i like getting fucked very hard at one point of the morning i had one working my clit with their tongue while shoving as much of their hand up me simultaneously to the other shafting me as deep, hard and fast as he could go, my mate was getting licked out by me while another was wanking over my tits spilling his load everywhere, right next to us similar scenes were occuring but we all kept swapping places making sure everyone came, had a good time and could cum no more, by the end of the night we were all covered head to toe in cum and will probably do it all over again when we next meet up .