Written by Mark

30 Nov 2008

I have posted a few stories about my wife Gail, and our exploits, involving her fucking other guys, especially younger guys.

Following on from this, last year she met a guy called Jay, aged 25 who became her regular fuck buddy.

To recap, Gail is 38, blonde, size16, extremely busty (44DD)and the typical fantasy milf.

Jay lived about 100 miles away in Surrey, which was not a problem as Gail does not work, and she started to drive down regularly to meet him for sex.

Jay alway insisted she dressed sexy, so invariably she would be wearing short skirts, tight low cut tops, and full make up.

Usually she would travel down in the afternoon, arriving just as Jay finished his job as a builder, and by all accoutns they would be fucking within 5 minutes of him arriving home.

Eventually she would stay the odd night, and the following morning would drop him off at work, driving my expensive Mercs Sports car. She would wait with him until the rest of his gang arrived in their mini bus to drive to their site.

The guys at work knew all about her, and egged him on to introduce her to them. he enjoyed her taking him to work wearing really sexy gear.

One day she dropped him off, and he asked her to get out of the car, despite wearing a really short skirt, and top which barely covered her tits.

Thus she stood chatting to 2 of his mates whilst the bus arrived, all the time they stared at her tits, making increasingly suggestive conversation, about how Jay told them what a good fuck she was, and how her blow jobs were beyond description, etc

Then the bus arrived,with the boss calling out for them to get a move on. But just talking to Jay\'s bit, Paul one said, have u seen her?

Paul looked across at Gail, fuck me you\'re horny, love to see those tits close up. fancy a ride?

Gail was hesitant, but Jay encouraged her, saying he would look after her.

With that Gail climbed on board the bus, sitting next to Jay and Paul. There were already 2 guys on board, making 5 in total. Gail sat next to Jay as theys et off, but before long he started to stroke her leg and thigh while Paul turned round to watch, all the time telling her how sexy she looked, and how he loved big tits.

Jay was snogging her, groping her tits, which were gently eased out of her top, everyone on the bus bar the driver eagerly watching.

They arrived at the empty house they were working on, and Paul invited her in.

She meekly followed trying to correct her dress.

Paul was waiting for her as she went in, well you sexy bitch, before we start work i reckon you need to prove you are as dirty as Jay here says you are.

Come on, strip, show me your fucking big tits.With that a series of hands manhandled her, while paul pushed down his jeans revealing a hard cock alrewady dripping cum juice.

Suck me bitch, he said, moving across to grab and maul her big heavy tits.

With that, she knelt sown taking his length into her made up mouth, taking him deep. he pushed harder, making her gag, while Jay was grabbing her tits, and pushing onto all fours.

She then felt a cock nudge between her legs while Paul started to face fuck her, allt he time telling her what a filthy cunt she was. As Jay fucked her, Paul rammed his cock into her throat, making her gag again, and almost puke.

With that Jay increased his rate, and grabbed her arse as he started to cum, at the same time Paul started to spunk in her mouth, all the time mouthng obscenities.

They both relaxed, cum dripping out of her cunt and her mouth onto her tits.

The rest of the guys were still watching and wanking, and moved towards Gail for their turn. No time for that, said Paul, fucking work to be done, but you can wank over her if you are quick.

Kneel up bitch, let them wank over you, which Gail did, her heavy tits hanging down. The guys wanked over her, covering her with their heavy cum.

They then left her to dry herself while they went to work, laughing and joking about her as they did so.

This was the first of a few sessions with Jay\'s work mates, some of which I did get to see for myself.

All in all she is instiable,and constantly loooking for new guys, especially younger ones!