Written by Arlington_49

18 Nov 2014

Ben and Maggie are neighbors who have a townhouse at opposite side of our Court’s Quadrangle. An attractive couple…she in her late 40’s…perhaps even at 50-mark…and Ben in his mid-50’s. Like my wife, Maggie works out…keeps nicely fit. Ben as well into fitness…swims almost daily and he and I often play rounds of squash every few weeks. Two sons, both out and about…one recently married…he and his wife moved to Boston. Their younger son at Medical School in Italy.

Ben has always enjoyed ‘playing’ the lady field, and it’s become apparent Maggie has long harbored interest to join our social swing activities. The couple joined our group over a year ago, BUT in recent months their swing activities has had a considerable uptick. It hit major levels a few weeks back…for very different and unusual cause.

Ben is a finance PM…he’s been with his financial institution for about 6 years. His senior director (his boss) is a lad in his late 30’s. Judi and I learned about 2 months ago Maggie has been laying Ben’s manager…!! Judi wouldn’t disclose the how’s and why’s…suffice Maggie has been receiving extra-marital benefits from hubby’s institution…! It didn’t go down too well with Ben. In fact, he took some serious 'reply'action. Of course, he couldn’t openly dissuade his manager from fucking his wife…NOT if he wanted to keep his position long-term…;) Rather, Ben used our swing club as his forum.

Our GB parties are usually scheduled every 3 or so months, and customarily either 2 or 3 wives will volunteer to host…OR on occasion a husband will arrange to have his wife play out the hostess role. It was this instance Ben took his actions. 3 weeks ago Ben ‘appointed’ his wife to honor the GB requirement. Normally the GB parties are limited to 3 to 5 men per gal. With 2 or 3 wives in play, we pretty much covered all those gentlemen who wished to participate. However, Ben’s instructions to our party team were explicit…there would be NO limitations. Whoever wished to engage his wife Maggie would have freedom to do so…even if it exceeded the customary number of players.

That Saturday evening, Maggie played out her hostess role…without awareness there was NO cap on the party-goers to play her. As most of the women who are recruited for their GB turn on the bed, Maggie was well inebriated…she likely wouldn’t have a clue how many men parted her legs!

I thought Ben would remain to watch his wife…normal for us to do with our spouses’ turn. BUT, no…he was partying elsewhere in Greg’s home (our ‘club’ location that evening.) I witnessed the first gent’s turn at Maggie…all very calm, and quite thrilling to watch him drill this lovely woman. There was already an entourage of gentlemen queuing up to play… I went looking for Ben…I had planned to advise him…be there…watch your wife. If you’re pissed with her “infidelity” then at least honor and protect her from any possible extreme behavior! Well…I got the real surprise of the evening. For my concern for Ben and his wife, I didn’t imagine I’d have my own “issues” to reconcile… BUT, I did…!

One of my friends sheepishly told me to find Ben in Greg’s upstairs bedroom. I walked up to the 3rd level…heard some ‘playful’ sounds coming from the room. I slowly opened the door and observed why Gerry was “sheepish” telling me where to find Ben… Ben was at the base of the bed…holding my wife’s legs up against his chest…as he was slowly rocking his cock…in and out…of Judi’s cunny…! Judi was moaning in a low voice…every time Ben’s cock went deep. However, it wasn’t just the fuck action in play… NO…it was more! I could tell as Ben rocked to and fro, his hands were at my wife’s clit…fingers OR at least both thumbs seeming to press deep and opening Judi’s clit. His cock was slowly…methodically…banging her…as his fingers manipulated her pussy. Judi began to moan louder…and at one point seemed to be saying something. It sounded like “Nuuuuuu…oh God….nuuuuuuuu…” Then clearly heard her say, “Oh my God…what are you doing…oh God…how I feel…oh God…!!”

Judi was reacting to Ben’s multiple play…cock and fingers. BUT, then another surprise…! From the shadows of other side of the bed appeared Greg…naked…hardened cock in his hand. He clearly said to Ben, totally unaware I was watching from my darkened shadow area…”Didn’t I tell you she’s ready for this tonight. Arli’s wife is always ready for a party. I swear…Arli’s wife is a closet whore…!!! Put a few drinks in hner…let her puff a toke or two…she’s yours anytime…she’s mine anytime. She's such a beautiful fucking whore!!”

Judi moaned more loudly… Then another surprise… Just as she moaned again, her mouth was muffled. Greg stuffed his cock in Judi’s mouth cavity. Within moments both men were orchestrating Judi’s taking… Ben picked up his pace…slamming into Judi’s vagina. Greg started to push harder and deeper into Judi’s mouth and throat. Both men wanted her to gag in silence… Both men wanted to have their way with my wife. I continued to watch for several minutes. Obviously, as many of you aware, it wasn’t the first time for me…it won’t be the last! Judi had obviously had some kind of relationship with Ben previously…I know my good friend and colleague Greg fucks Judi every month or two…perhaps more…!! If my wife chose to play while Ben’s wife was being gang banged, I wouldn’t interfere with my wife. No…I instantly had own impromptu agenda. I watched a few more minutes…Judi wasn’t getting away with a modest fuck. No, Ben and Greg were having total freedom with her…and just when either appeared ready to cream her cunny OR mouth, they backed off. Judi would catch a breadth…appear trying to upright herself in Greg’s bed…and just as she readied to perhaps come to her senses, Ben would again plunge deep into her cunny…as Greg would again slide his penis into her mouth. No…their fuck pattern would likely go on for a while. No…it was time for me to move ahead with my plans.

I quietly stepped away…closed the door…and went back downstairs to the GB party room. I did something that I now regret a little…just a little. I pulled rank. As a senior club member, I cut the line… “Number five” was finishing with Maggie. I would be…”number 6!!” What an enjoyable time I had with Ben’s wife…!! Her vagina …her clit…were used well… So lubed from all the men prior…it was stretched and loose…even to the point one would normally not expect! I was deliberate…methodical….and focused on Maggie. I did NOT wear a condom as all others had before me. After 20 minutes of pure, focused fuck time, I creamed her hole. She hadn’t a clue! She even opened her eyes and saw me…even smiled. BUT, she hadn’t a clue…she was so out of it. Probably as out of it as my wife was 3 floors up…with her hubby and my friend!

I left my load deep in her…and withdrew. “Number seven” was right behind me…ready to play with Maggie. AND…”Number 7” removed his condom… As I later learned, nine gentlemen had their way with Ben’s wife. I guess my wife made it out pretty easy that night…only two men to serve her…;);)

I have yet to discuss the party with Judi. I plan to…at the right moment…for shock and surprise value. I suspect…she’ll be most disappointed with Greg’s assessment…that she…my wife…is a closet whore! You know what…? It’s much improved with Judi. NO longer out of control ‘business’ group fuck parties with her younger lads. That’s how I view this…an improvement… And, yes,I have another play partner for myself. It won’t be a one-time fling with Maggie!!