Written by anon

6 Sep 2008

My girlfriend is an attractive lady in her forties, who likes to flirt with the men and they just love her, she always dresses sexy to please,but this time she went too far, I caught her in the act of

giving one of her admirers a blow job in his car, I never said alot just took her home and told her to put on the stocking and supsenders a nd a sexy dress as I was taking her out.

After I had made a few phone calls we went to our local pub, as the evening wore on alot of people were leaving and by 10.30 all that was left were about 10-12 local guys, the landlord was a friend of mine would had often taken more than an interest in my sexy partner.

He locked the doors of the pub and poured us all a drink. By now my girl was fairly drunk and loving all the attention from the men, right now i told her this is pay back time for what you have done I want every guy in this pub to use and abuse you till you are well and truly fucked.

She looked shocked but knew she deserved to be humilated for what she had done to me,

I lead her to the front of the bar and made her take off her dress, leaving her in stocking and her high heels only, i told her to get hon her hands and knees with her pussy and arse facing the crowd of guys , Her arse was given a good spanking , (the guys all cheered me on) by now her lovely arse was red and sore just ready to be fucked by all, each guy took it in turns to fuck her arse and stick ttheir hot cocks in her mouth,we left her for 10 mins or so while wwe had a drink, straddled across the table with her sore arse and pussy dripping cum.One of the guys suggested fucking her in all holes at one , they were all up for that and pushed their cocks in her , riding her like a whore, this carried on till all guys were spent and she was covered in cum, her finally humilation was say thank you to all the guys for teaching her a lesson about being such a flirt and let them squeeze and bit her nipples till they were as red and sore as her spanked arse.the landlord was very happy with the evening events and made me promise to bring her back another night for more, she agreed to this as I think she secretly enjoyed all the attention. she was so sore and wet going home that she could hardly walk but said that she will go back next week for seconds.

what a girl !