Written by Fond Memories.

10 Aug 2011

The other day I visited a bog on a road in Co Durham,not even thinking of sex,I was pissed off after a row wth the wife.It was years ago when I was a student I had a few cock sessions with another student that I shared a room with for a short period,he was homosexual I was'nt,I just went along with it.

I'm sitting in a cubicle in the bog,could'nt miss the gloryhole,should heve covered it but was'nt thinking.I heard the door next door close,some guy had come in,I was'nt really that interested but I did have a quick look before I was going to cover the hole.

I could tell he's a young one from the shape of his body,smooth and muscular.I don't know if he could see me looking but before I could cover the hole I can see him undo his pants and take his teeshirt off and thats when I can see how good his upper body looks.

It was just simple curiosity that I wanted to see what he was like down lower.I was expecting him to be wearing them boring boxer things that young lads like to show off these days,but he was'nt,he was wearing neat little briefs,I've seen them advertised on a gay site,which I accidently came across on my computer,but I'd never actually seen somebody wearing them.

I think it was because I'd not been getting on with the wife and was a bit sexually frustrated,had not had my end away for over a week,that just seeing sexy little undies,not much more than the wife would wear,got me a bit turned on.

I could see he had taken his pants off and as I adjusted my position to get more of a view I could see that the only thing he was now wearing was the little undies,when I say wearing I mean barely covering,he turned around a few times and I could see how muscular his bottom was,the undies fitting tightly between his cheeks,at the front I could make out the shape of his cock held tightly reaching almost to his hip,I could see it was hard,the material holding it from popping up.

I should have covered the hole,pulled my own pants and undies up and left but instead I thought I'd just give myself just a very quick bit of a wank,I was'nt planning to bring myself off or anything,I was hoping for sex with the wife that night.

I'm harder a lot quicker than I expected and I'm wanking myself more than I was intending to,then as I'm watching him he lowers his little undies and lets his cock shoot upright,another surprise, my wife shaves herself smooth,I was'nt expecting to see his smooth pubic area and smooth shiny balls.

He's wanking himself,then he holds his cock and aims it towards the gloryhole and pushes it through to me,I admit I just sat looking at it for I don't know how long,but probably just a few seconds,it was twitching so I knew it needed touching,the head was a pale pink,my own is really dark when I'm hard and it was now,of course there was a hint of precum.

I touched it with my finger and saw the inevitable little jerk,I remember things like that from my student days.OK so I put my fingers around it and gave it a little wank,a lot of things started to flood back,he pushed his cock in and out as I wanked it a little bit faster,it was really nice....I'm going to have to finish this tomorrow...I'm about to be interupted and I need to get myself dressed.