Written by Simon

29 Jan 2018

Me and my girlfriend is sexually active and we have sex nearly everyday. My girlfriend has nice petite A cup tities and nice perky nipples. Her boobs is proportionate to her skinny frame. She likes to wear those padded bras that don’t cling on to her boobs as she is A cup and when she bends down, her nipples will usually show and I have seen guys turning heads even if it’s A cup. One day we went out for drinks with one of her female friend whose name is Angela. Angela is shorter and petite but she has way bigger boobs and I think she is kinda cute. She is wearing a buttoned shirt and it looks like her boobs are gonna burst through those buttons. We got into a conversation about sex and my girlfriend tells Angela about our active sex life and brags to her about how I pleases her in bed and she says it’s partly because of my tool size. Angela is more of a good girl type and she just recently met this boyfriend and it is her 1st sex partner. After more drinks, we got quite drunk so Angela called her boyfriend to pick us up. We all ended up at Angela’s place as I was also too drunk to drive. One thing led to another and I was making out with my girlfriend while Angela was making out with her boyfriend beside us. We were really drunk and horny and since it was quite dark, my girlfriend took my cock out and she sucked my whole 6’ like a pro. I can hear Angela sucking her boyfriend’s cock as I can hear him moan and the slurping sound. I pushed my girlfriend down and licked her pussy. After a while, I pushed my girlfriend down and I slid my 6’ cock into her pussy and she was so wet. She was moaning and saying “oh fuck me, yes.... that’s it, I like your big cock stretching me...” as if trying to show off to Angela, suddenly I could hear Angela moaning and panting loudly so I’m sure they were also fucking. Angela was even noisier than my girlfriend. After 20mins, I was going to cum so I pulled out and came in my girlfriends mouth. A few minutes later, we can hear Angela’s boyfriend cumming as well. All 4 of us was lying very closely and suddenly I could hear my girlfriend whispering to Angela and after that she came to me and told me to show Angela what a big cock feels like since she thinks Angela is so naive and she should try a big cock. My girlfriend and Angela swapped places. This time Angela turned the lights on and for th first time I was looking at her boobs. It’s was so big and Angela told me she is a 32D. I wasn’t looking at my girlfriend as I was so mesmerized with Angela. We made out and she stroked my 6’ cock with her hand. After a while, she told me to slide it in. I was being so confident of my size so I flipped her on all fours to bang her doggy style. I slid my cock into her pussy all th way to th base of my cock in 1 push and I continue fucking her. She was morning but she was way softer. Angela was really loud just now so I guess she was the shy type. Suddenly I could hear my girlfriend moaning so loudly. I turned to have a look and I was shocked. Angela’s boyfriend had a huge cock which is like 8’ and way thicker than me. He was pounding my girlfriend as if reaching her how it feels to take a really big cock. I fucked Angela for like 10 mins and I came in her pussy. Angela’s boyfriend fucked my girlfriend for like 45 mins in various positions and when he came, he pulled out and shot so much cum on her A cup tits and face. He continued to fuck Angela and my girlfriend for a few more rounds and my girlfriend got hooked to his huge cock. I just love seeing they way Angela’s tits swing when she gets banged doggy style by the 8’ cock.