Written by Katy

17 Mar 2012

Im a woman of 45 and have been married for 20 plus years to my hubby Dave,we have two grown up boys at uni so live a normal in some ways boring life.Until one day which i will never forget.I was walking into town and went past a house that had a few workmen outside and as is the norm they whistled and jeered me when id gone past so i turned round and gave them a smile and blew them a kiss.They all laughed and clapped.

So i did a good days shopping had lunch and some more shopping,and was on way home struggling to carry all my shopping when i went past that house again.One of the workmen was on the pavement watching me struggle down the road with all my bags,so i said dont just stare give me a hand so he did.He took all the bags and put them in his van then said he would take me home,which i greatfully excepted.His name was Paul and was id say in his early 20s and not bad looking.my house was only 5 mins away so on arrival i asked if he would like some money for petrol but he said hed rather a cuppa so in my naivity i said yes and in we went. Paul carried the bags to the kitchen and i put the kettle on. He then came and stood very close to me which surprised me a bit but at the same time it made my stomach fill with butterflies.He said i had a great figure and i was very good looking which i thanked him for and responded by saying how nice he was.The kettle started boiling so i turned to get some cups from the cuboard and put them on the work top.As i was putting the teabags in the cups paul put his hands on my hips and turned me round and kissed me on the lips which i responded to by sticking my tongue down his throat.I couldnt believe i was at it with a man of my sons age in my kitchen!! he felt good thou,nice taught body and nice firm arse.his hands were all over me in seconds and it wasnt long before he had his fingers in my very wet and willing cunt. I could feel his cock bursting to get out so i undid his trousers and pulled them down to his knees.He was about the same size as dave as i started wanking him off.he walked me to the kitchen table and turned me round,he lifted my dress and pulled my thong down my legs then rubbed the end of his cock against my pussy and with 1 big thrust was in me.he felt so good inside me that i started pushing back against him to get every inch of him in me.i came within minutes with a huge groan but paul just kept pounding away at me,it was bliss.My legs were getting all shaky after my second orgasm so i said could we finish off upstairs so off we went.i took off my dress and bra and he took off the remainder of his clothes and within seconds he was in me again this time with me on my back.My legs have never been spread so wide apart before but fuck me it felt good,every inch deep inside me.i came again for the third time then got on top of him and started riding his cock as hard as i could whilst playing with his balls.Finally i could feel him tense up and shoot his load into me.after i just lay there totally fucked,literally! my pussy was aching and my legs were like jelly as we said our goodbyes at the door.