Written by Hardworker1975

5 Apr 2009

Since the first time I come to learn about dogging, I wanted to do it, empty promises from guys always disappointed me. Finally a promise kept and here I was with a guy I had only met for a couple of hours on SH driving me up a busy lane at the half way house. He kept saying, anything you don't want to do just say, I am here to protect you and I just thought 'AS IF!'

We parked up and got out of the car and walked up a pathway. I had shortest black dress, black stockings and stilletto's. With long jet black hair, slim figure and DD breasts I imagined I was a fair catch for any guy there. within minutes 2 guys were following, the guy that took me there immediately said 'do you want to fuck her? she is gagging for it', ut wasn't a lie, I was gagging.

One guy immediately kneeled down and started licking my bald pussy, whilst the other two guys were fondling and playing with my breasts. I was so horny and needed to suck cock, so I knelt down and started sucking one of the guys cock whilst wanking the other two with one in each hand, after playing about with all 3 cocks it was now time to get me fucked, I laid down my long black coat on the floor, got on my hands and knees eagerly waiting for the first cock to go inside me, except this went in my mouth first followed by the cock in my pussy...WOW, getting fucked by total strangers in the open air felt so horny! I could see from the corner of my eye the guy who took me there frantically wanking whilst watching these two guys fuck me, on the other side there was another two guys watching, I felt like I was going to explode at this point, as the first guy cum deep inside me, the 2nd guy soon took his place to fuck me and a guy that was watching put his cock in my mouth. As the 2nd finished off, a 3rd guy started fucking me, unfortunately something must of spooked him and he left after a few minutes. At this point I felt like a human ice-cube and needed to thaw out in the car.

As we sat in the car warming up, the guy who I was with started playing with my arse (I had been saving this hole for him all night)At this point I could see 2 guys watching through the windows, this turned me on so much that I was wanting him to fuck me in the arse whilst they watched. I then heard 'you want to have a feel? come round to this window', they were just about to start fingering my arse when joyriders drove by hooting and attracting unnecessary attention, at that point the guy I was with said 'its time to go, those joyriders have spoilt it'. I was gutted, but had such horny experience. Can't wait to do it again!