Written by babyface

23 Jun 2015

anybody rememember heaton park gang bang boys ,we where told about this car park many years ago and decided to give it a try ,we went about 10 at night and when we arrived we saw 2 other cars ,we had never tried this before and this was our first time out dogging Julie was a little bit nervouse but was willing to try ,I put her seat back and told her to undo her top and spread her legs and I started to play rubbing her pussy and sucking on her tits ,then sue said don't get up we are being watched hes got a fucking huge cock hes got it pressed up against my window ,I said would you like to play ,if you do unlock your door and see what happens,julie unlocked the door and the guy opened the door and said to Julie whats a fucking gorgeouse girl like you doing here ,she replied ime here to get fucked by huge cocks like yours,thats no problem and went onto his knees to lick her cunt ,it didn't take long to make her come and was soon gagging for his cock to be up her ,fuck me Julie said,not here come over to the bench on the path and I will give you what you want ,we got out and went over to the bench and he told Julie to sit on the back rest so her arse hung over ,then he bent her forward and took julies wet pussy from behind making her gasp for air ,fucking hell john ,that's me,hes fucking huge I think hes going to come out of my mouth ,he started to get a good pace sliding out then bang right back up his balls slapping her arse ,ime going to come Julie said ,so am I and then he grunted and Julie groaned as they both came to a round off clapping from 5 or 6 more guys who had been watching from the trees ,Julie was now getting down off the bench and they asked if we would come again ,you have to meet paul and his 3 mates ,they are very well hung and will fuck you till you pass out ,sounds interesting Julie said with a grin ,I will see you soon