Written by illustrated

14 Feb 2012

The other evening I got a call from my ex-wife wondering if I would accompany her to a local bar at the weekend. She had always had a desire to fuck a black guy and had never realised this fantasy but the other day a black guy at work had asked her to meet for a drink. She was a bit unsure and not being able to ask her new husband wondered if I would go with her for some moral support.

So Saturday night I picked her up and we drove to the bar. She had certainly dressed for the occasion and her 34D 24 34 figure looked stunning in the short leather skirt and tight black blouse that showed ample cleavage. Jayne is 40 but really looks 30 with her dark brown hair in a 60s style bob and a hint of red highlights glinting in the street lights and the best feature her long slender legs clad in black hold ups, made even more sensuous with the four inch stilettos on her feet.

We arrived at the bar a little early and had a couple of drinks before Sean arrived. Jayne needed a bit of courage being very nervous. Sean was about six foot six tall and of strong build, he looked like he had done a bit of boxing and was probably 25 years old. He put his massive black hand on Jayne’s tiny waist and guided her over to where some of his friends were standing leaving me at the bar to watch. There were six black guys in total who all stopped talking and suddenly made Jayne the centre of their attention. I could see each one introduce themselves, kissing her on the cheek, stroking her hair, touching her bum and the occasional hand on her waist. As the evening went on I could see Jayne getting more and more relaxed and the attention she was getting became more and more intense. One guy who was sitting down was running his hand up and down her leg while Sean was kissing her passionately.

After a couple of hours I was just beginning to think of making my excuses and leaving when Jayne and Sean came over to the bar. Thinking they were going to tell me they were moving on, you can imagine my surprise when Sean announced “we are going back to my place the lads want to fuck your pretty little white slut wife” I just started to say “But she’s not my……” when Jayne kicked me and Sean continued “and you little hubby are goanna come along and watch the whore used by us real men! If this is her first time no point just doing one of us we will all make sure she gets a good time”

Outside waited a rather large stretched limo into which Jayne was eagerly followed by six black guys. I was about to get in when Sean said to me “no in the front with the driver we goanna be playing with your wife in the back. As we drove I turned and saw hands all over Jayne pulling at her blouse, running up her legs and under her skirt, being kissed on the lips and legs and her cleavage. She started to moan a little as large black fingers found their way inside her panties. Her head leant back and her blouse was torn open revealing the sexiest of black lace bras. Her hands were beginning to search the fronts of trousers and I don’t doubt she was impressed with what she could feel. As she unzipped one man’s fly the partition behind the driver was raised and I could see no more. Luckily the intercom speaker was left on and I spent the rest of our journey listening to Jayne enjoying herself behind the black tinted glass of the limo.

Eventually we arrived at Sean’s place and the driver pulled into the drive way of a pretty large modern double fronted house. I got out first to see five black guys getting out the back each straightening their suits and doing up their trousers, then Sean got out holding Jayne’s hand to help her. She stepped into the drive way stilettos still on but with one stocking around her right ankle and her knickers around her left. The leather skirt was a little crooked and she pulled at it to straighten it and pull it down from where it had been pushed up to. Her sexi blouse was torn open still showing the lacy bra and her incredible tits. The street lights just showed up some massive globs of spunk running down her cleavage and some more dribbling from the corner of her mouth. Her hair was a mess and lip stick smeared in a red line across her cheek. She looked over at me and smiled just before Sean embraced her giving her a very passionate kiss his black lips engulfing her mouth and forcing his tongue down her throat. “Now the fun really begins” he exclaimed as he dragged her by the hand into his house. Eagerly I followed.

To be continued: