Written by Harry_22

28 Nov 2011

I slip road, just off the roundabout with my thumb out for what feels like ages. It is starting to get dark and I am just thinking it is not going to be my night. Worse it is starting to rain!

With no hood on my jacket, I know it is time to give and just as I drop my arm for the last time, I hear the distinctive chug of a VW in the distance. An old type camper dirves straight past me and then to my surprise, the brakes squeak as it stops. I run down to the passenger door and an older chap leans over to let the door open.

“Jump in, fella” he offers and I leap up into the seat and by the time the door is shut, he is already motoring us down the slip road.

“No seat belts?” I ask reaching over my shoulder.

“They get fitted tomorrow, this one did not have them as standard!” He laughs, “but dont worry, I don't drive fast and I am always safe!!” He chuckles again.

We chit chat for a while and I learn that he is John, a retired bachelor who has been living out of his camper for 4 days while he drives it home to Scotland. I check out the internals of the van. It is bare except for the back seats that have a ghastly design on the cushions, a remnant of its original fittings he tells me. But I tell him he has the essentials, bed and a portaloo!

My eyes reach the front again and I hit gold... “John?” I say with a cheeky tone reaching to the open glove box, “are these nudey mags?”

He laughs unabashedly. “Of course they are,” he replies, “my laptop has no signal most of the places I stop!”

“May I see?” I ask and he says I can help myself.

In the fading light I can make out the glossy covers and see cocks and nipples – not covered in silly stars. “Looks like you know your stuff, John” I tell and he just grunts an affirmative as he pulls out around an artic.

I flick through some and make out more explicit photos of men and women and I am pleased to see some guy on guy pics as well.

“Hmmm, too dark to see the pics!” I moan.

“Ha,” John responds, “Which one you looking at, I feel like I know them off by heart! 3 nights on your own can do that!” he trails off and then adds, “almost boring!”

I go to answer him, but a shiver wobbles my whole body.

He merry laughs sounds again, “Ha, being wet through will do that to you! Can't believe such a fit young lad was waiting so long for a ride!”

“I guess!” I reply

“Tell you what, let's pull in here,” he nods to the service station, “I have some dry clothes you can put on and we can put yours on the heater?”

I cannot believe my luck now and hope against hope that I am not misreading him!

“Oh, John, thanks, but you have already done enough for me, like I said, I do not even have money for you for petrol!”

“Now, let's not worry about that,” he says and I am sure I hear him mumble “yet” at the end.

We pull in and I smile to myself as he parks away from the main building and not near other cars.

Following John's instruction, I clamber into the rear of the van and start to undress, my wet jeans and top giving me a bit of trouble in the confined space. I jump when the rear door opens up and John appears and starts rummaging through his clothes. He throws me something and then tells me to wait for him, he will be back in a few. I watch him go, a little bemused, carrying some stuff with him.

I unwrap what he has given me, it is a dressing gown! Cheeky bugger I think to myself, but finish stripping off and despite wearing less, do feel warmer already. Time ticks by and it then occurs to me that John said he had a laptop and how trusting he is to have left me in here for so long. That thought lingers in my mind and on a hunch, I try the door. Locked. The rear hatch/door has no internal and so to the front doors. Locked.

I smile and settle in to the drivers seat and wait.

Fifteen minutes later, the key being pushed into the drivers door makes me jump and in a quick flurry, John is back in the seat and handing me a drink. The coffee aroma hits my nose and there is the unmistakable whiff of whisky in it too, it tasted nice and sweet and did not take long in being drunk! I laughed pointing out that I do not normally drink! John looked at me in what in hindsight was shock, but he said nothing more. His hair is wet and as he flings a towel over his shoulder I realise he has showered and changed into a loose jogging suit. He drives us away and we are soon plodding down the motorway once more.

After a while, John breaks the silence, “I thought you would be engrossed in my mags?”

“Too dark” I reply matter of factly, “could not make out the cocks even!”

He shuffles in his seat and I realise that he is sliding down his bottoms, “Take the wheel,” he says and I quickly look up as I put a hand on the wheel to keep us on course.

“That's better,” he announces, “dark enough to get away with it now!” and even in the dark, I see him grin.

“Wow, John,” I say, “that is bold!”

“Bold?” he answers, “Bold? Bold is thinking you could get lifts for free!” and he chuckled again.

“Who says I wanted it for free?” I pulled on my dressing gown letting it fall open. Immediately his had moved over to my bare leg and he let out a moan. It shifted to between legs and he cupped over my semi hard cock.

“Wow, a big one!” he said. I thanked him, but added that it was only average at a slim 6 inches.

“Bigger than mine... can you make mine out in the dark?” and a laugh again.

He reached up and turned on the interior light, I gasped, knowing that now anyone could see in! Looking down I could see the tip of his cock, obviously hard from the angle it was pointing, just visible above his legs.

“See,” he continued, “hardly anything there!” He did not sound concerned by the fact and neither was I.

“Maybe,” I spoke up realising that my throat was dry, “but man, it looks thick! May I?”

“Of course!” he laughed and he shifted in his seat to open his legs a little more.

“Oh my!” I gasped as I put my hand to him. He was rock hard and although I could feel his length fit easily in the width of my hand, I could only just close my fingers around it, I imagined a stubby can of Red Bull would feel about the same. I fett sensation go through my body as feeling this cock made my own go hard.

“So about paying for this trip?” I asked looking sidelong at him.

“Well,” John sniggered “,... I am driving though my normal wank time!”

He fell silent and I carried on looking at him.

I moved in the end to perch on the bed behind his seat and found that I could reach around him quite easily, but I was higher slight so reaching his cock was a bit awkward. As a result, I could not get into a rhythm stroking him, but I soon found that he liked my attention elsewhere; I pulled and pinched on his nipples and he was groaning. In fact I noticed as I looked down that as I played with his nipples, his cock noticeably twitched!

I played with him like this for some time and delighted in seeing his wriggling in his seat as I played with his body. Then he announced that he was going to come if I carried and that that would not be the way to cover my fare!

He told me to sit back down and I moved back to my seat. “Oh well done,” he commented and slapped my naked bum and I moved around, “that saves me telling you get nude!”

I moved in my seat to help get my cock under his grasp – I did not want him too distracted from the road! He wanked me slowly, but with a tight grip and I soon realised that I was very turned on myself, worried that I might come at any moment!

Thankfully we pulled left suddenly and John told me that we were here! I looked up suddenly, wondering at what point we had left the motorway, let alone made it to such a wooded location.

“We are going to a place I know,” he told me, “where you can easily pay your way... but first I need to check the goods.” I was a little put out by his sudden change in tone, but also a excited. Before I could give it much more thought, he asserted himself some more,

“Get in the back.” I obliged, “And sit down.”

I looked up as he came in behind and watched him pop the roof up. The van now easily allowed him to stand. He turned back to me and put a hand on my head at the same time. With surprising coordination, I felt his hard cock brush my lips and as if I had a choice in that matter, I opened my lips to taste it.

Immediately, John's thick helmet stretched my mouth open and I has no idea how I would cope with it. He grunted as my mouth took the whole helmet in and he continued to ease it forwards. I was very aware that my mouth could not open enough so I strained to try and get my teeth away from his hard smooth shaft. Just as my mouth felt fuller than it ever had, I felt the tickle of his trimmed pubes (I clocked his neat mat while I wanked him earlier) on my lips and realised that he was in to the hilt.

Although not long enough to hit the back of my throat, my mouth was so full that I felt myself gagging.

“Relax,” John said softly, “reaaalllllax! He groaned the word out and I felt his tip twitching. I relaxed as best I could and soon realised the delight of this big cock in my mouth that was no longer making me gag. Gently but deliberately he began to move back out and ats the tip released my lips to close, he eased it back in again.

“What a good little mouth,” John breathed as he put his other hand on my head to aid his effort in reinserting himself. I realised that I had been holding my breath and I suddenly felt quite light headed, “Relax!” John reminded me again.

With out a hint of change, he then pulled out quickly and then plugged it straight back in, sliding easily to the hilt this time. I groaned, almost giggling to myself, thinking that my noise should vibrate over his fat member. In fact, I think I did giggle!?

He pulled full form my mouth now and I took a deep breath. My eyes blurred slightly and I tried to speak, but could only giggle at the mumbling noise that came out!

“Hmmm yes” I heard John say from somewhere in front of me and as I was just remembering he was there, I opened my mouth and leant forward. I was rewarded with his pushing his fat cock back in. It felt great, but harder as I know my head jolted and his belly pushed into my nose.

I am sure I heard the word 'fuck' and I remember saying, “yes, fuck my mouth, fuck me hard,” but of course, no noise could escape from behind his beautiful cock.

He pulled out of me again, and I was feeling so pleased with myself for making his cock swell and twitch so much in my mouth.

“Oh, John... so good!” I said, my head feeling clearer again, “Can you give me your come?”

“Yes,” he replied as he manoeuvred me on the bed, “but not in your mouth, I want that clean!”

“Oh God, yes please!” I begged as he turned me to all fours, “Please fuck me!”

“Oh no,!” he chuckled, “it is too big for that, I have been told that before!”

“I can take it!” I reported and dropped my head to the pillow to take my weight I reached back and spread my arse cheeks, pointing myself as high and at him as I could. “Please try!”

I heard him laugh, but he did not reply. I was relieved to hear him moving and the bed shifted as he put his weight on it and moved in behind me. My mind clearer still, I suddenly got scared,

“Wait,” I almost shouted, “there is no way without lu...” but my fear was interrupted by the distinct squelch of lube being squeezed out of a tube.

“You want to be fucked?” he goaded me as he moved his tip forwards, fingering me with lube as he did so.

“Yes, John, fuck me!” I moaned out long and loud as his fat cock tip pushed onto my arse crack. Way off target I thought and wiggled my arse a little to help adjust his allignment.

“Hold still, fella,” he said, “I almost had it then!”

Confused, I stayed still and he moved in again and the same feeling except that this time he kept leaning in and I suddenly realised, he was not missing, it is just that his cock was that thick that it really might not fit!

I felt a bit scared again suddenly and I felt my face flush red. In for a penny in for a pound I thought to myself and reached back again to spread my cheeks and relaxed my sphincter as best as I could.

And then a feeling like I have not felt in a long time washed through me, my arse hurt as with a grunt, John pushed his tip into me.

“Oh god,” I cried out in genuine surprise and painful shock! I whimpered more and my body tensed. I clawed at my arse cheeks somehow hoping that I could open myslef ro accept him easier

“I told you!” John announced, “it's too big!” there was a distinct tone of disappointment as he moved back and withdrew.

“No John!” I replied back, burying my head in the mattress, “Do it! It is the least I can do for you after all!”

“It did feel good!”

“You know it did, come on John..... Fuck me!”

“Yeah,” he virtually breathed the words, “come on!” I heard the squelch once more of lube and his hands grabbed my waist.

With no warning, his cock stabbed at my ring once more and with a hard thrust behind it, broke straight in. The shocking pain was immediately allayed by the sensation of how much this fat member filled me. It did not occur to me how much of him was in me, the filling feeling was over whelming and it just added to it as I felt the weight of him bounce of my bum cheeks.

He stayed in me unmoving and I found I really (and finally) relaxed around his massive shaft. Even relaxed, I could still feel him stretching me open. I let out a deep guttural moan.

“I told you,” moan, “That I could take it!”

He only grunted in reply and I yelped as his hard shaft slid back out of me only to be quickly returned, his body making me nudge forward as he slid back in to the hilt. My arse cried out to have him in me and so did I, encouraging him to put it back in as soon as he started to pull back. Soon he broke into a more steady rhythm and I was in heaven. When I would manage words, I urged to fuck me or as it actually came out, “Fuuuuuck Me!”

John only grunted and groaned as he did me, no words or talking. I revelled in the sounds of this man as he used my arse.

And then his noises and breathing changed and the movements in and out of me virtually stopped. In me, as deep as his short shaft would permit, he stayed still, but changed the angle inside of me somehow and then I felt it start to twitch. He moved slightly and I imagined his back arching as his orgasm hit him.

His rock hard cock got hot and then I felt his come erupt inside me. I am sure I felt two squirts and then he moved again and was pumping me, his groans turning to shouts as he pumped me harder and harder.

I felt a drip of sweat fall off him onto my back and as he pulled away I realised that I was now lying virtually flat on the bed. My hole gave an unflattering fart as he withdrew. I was reminded how big he was with the sensation that there was a big empty void there now!

“Clench.” John spoke out of nowhere, “Keep that come in there...”

A twinge of pain again as I tried to use my arse muscles, “Why?” I asked.

“Let's just say that I know some people who will like to meet you like this!”

“Like what,” I answered cautiously.

“With a clean mouth and come in your arse!” I turned to look at him and he added, “put these on” as he threw a pair of stretchy panties at me, with his other hand he put down his phone, shit I thought, had be been on the phone!?

He nodded at me, “Texting.” he said with a smile. And then I saw headlights coming up from further down the wooded.

“I think you may want another drink....” John smiled and handed me a mug once more before neatly and quickly hopping out the side door. I pulled on the knickers, they were tight and I noticed how the held my bum cheeks tightly as I leant out the back to see who might be coming. I reached for the door handle and I suppose I was not surprised to find it locked!

“Oh Harry,” I whispered to myself, “What have you got yourself into?....”