Written by john 42

25 Apr 2009

Eary 70 s, I was teaching in a big comprehensive , my tiny but very well stacked wife was with the local chemists.(tight white coat was a big turn on!) The school had 3 Ugandan teachers on some sort of exchange visit and the Head asked if anyone would like to show English hospitality to them. I offered to give them a traditional dinner that weekend. Broke the news to S. (my wife) and being a good cook set about planning the meal on very traditional lines. I teased her during the rest of the week ,laying it on about entertaining 3 tall ,handsome ,very black men which gave rise to a couple of very nice quickies , S always seems ready to take cock at a moments notice!

Saturday arrived,two other staff who were to come gave backword ,places were rearranged with much bantering about coping with 4 hungty men! The guys arrived on time and boy, was it a treat to see S. s face ! They towered over her , looking great in black slacks and crisp white shirts . She ,by the way had eventually settled on a soft scoop necked peasant type dress with a nice swell of boob on show.

Introductions over an drink flowing we got on well . Over the meal we talked of each others costoms ,including second wifes and entertaining visitors . At times they would make comments to each other in their language, i got the feeling from thier smiles and the attention being payed to S that they would like to be entertained! S wasnt slow at picking the changing atmosphere up,giving me a look i knew oh so well! we had done our fair share of swapping,so knew the signals. Off she went with dirty plates,when she came back Inoticed the drawstrind to the dress top had been loosened, showing a lot more tit hanging free (bra gone as well) Bending over the table she offered the two sweets ,one a large trifle to the boys. There was much coment and laughter in Ugandan!

"what s that about ? " S asked. "we would like all 4" was the reply with all eyes fixed on her tits almost falling out of her dress.

Her eyes looked back and she said " make your choice then". Game On !!! It is a wonderfull sight to watch white tits being mauled and tugged by black hands ,even better if its your own wife being handled!

Soon all 3 were clustered round her ,dress pulled down ,revealing that she had even taken her pants of ready! Still leaning over the table she was pushed down so her hanging tits fell into the trifle. Whilst watching this I realised the boys had stripped , and tes they were all well hung! Soon she was working her way back onto the first black cock she had ever had into her wet and willing cunt.

more to follow......