Written by Amy

31 Aug 2008

My good mate kim came to stay as was having bad times with her BF, we had been close since working together 2 years ago. My BF and his mates were on some pissed night out and we were having girly chats and lots of wine. She was always attractive and the wine led to gentle kissing and touching her hard nipples, it was always going to happen and it felt right. As her tounge licked my nipples and sucked gently, her fingers were already working thier way over my already wet panties and going inside to feel my wet and warm love hole that was aching for her to penetrate me and make come like nothing had before, she pulled my wet pants aside hard and i felt her red hot tounge already licking the tip of my clit and slowly she started to put her 3 fingers inside of me....as this happend they arrived....all 3 of them it was a moment of madness and excitment in one momement.

Next thing i know is her tounge is licking me and her fingers are still inside me but as my legs are pulled apart to feel her hot tounge i can suddenly feel cocks either side of me rubbing against my face and lips wanting me to grasp them. i couldnt resist..my hands grasped their shafts as she kept licking, as i glanced down i saw matt my BF take her from behind and push his hard cock in and ram it in hard and he told her to fuckin lick me hard...that was enough for me to start taking their hard cocks in my mouth..suck by suck of each one all i could think about was the thought of hot spunk in my mouth..i didnt want it to stop...i still had my bra on and i stopped sucking to tell them i wanted to shoot in my bra and cover my nipples and fill the bra up with thier hot come...steve managed to do this and while i was being licked by kim i saw his hot cock shoot all over them and then kim came up while she was being fucked from behind by Matt to lick it off my nipples and suck it all up, sam was still wanting me to suck him but i wanted to feel air tight, kim pulled away and i went doggy on the sofa...sam was in front of me and made me suck so hard...he slapped it over my face and pulled my hair...he stuck it down so far he made me gag and i squeezed his balls...i loved the fact he made me gag i wanted more... Matt by man came from behind and stuck that big hard cock in me so hard and pumped me like never before...suddenly i felt kim slip under me and she played and sucked my nipples while my man fucked me hard, steve was hard again and just sat stroking until it was his turn again..he took turns with sam to make me suck..her hot tounge and thier hard cocks inside me and in my mouth took me to come all hot and wanting more. Sam pulled away and made Kim swallow as she pulled away from my nipples..she gagged as it was so thick and made it drip all down his shaft and then gobbled it up again....this was enough to make all the boys come..it was back were we started with me and Kim...her tounge went inside to lap up the hot spunk and then she put on the strap on that me and matt had bought to use with the last girl that touched our lives...she then gave me the fuck of all time as she kept going harder and harder while the boys watched and got hard and wanked...she pushed my legs apart as i sat back on the sofa and put my feet over her soulders and went in deep and hard while i sucked on her nipples that were brushing my lips....it was the longest night and the most spunked filled!!!