Written by Ru

4 Oct 2017

I suppose I needed to start by saying I have always loved public sex and exposing myself. I had just split with my boyfriend of 2 years and had always enjoyed dogging with him and sex in public. and one night was sat on my own gagging for a bit of attention and thought sod it im going solo. I headed up stairs picked out my outfit a short wrap dress stockings and my favourite black knickers and bra. I was a little nervous about heading out with out a man but just needed some fun. I got ready put on my make up and set off to one location I knew was always busy. I pulled into the corner of the car park and there was around 5 cars there and could see a lot of action around one car. I just sat and watched the men stood round the other car wanking waiting there turn. This had already made me wet and I opened my legs and started to rub myself through my knickers. I was so caught up in the action I did not see I had my first visitor by my window stroking his self. I opened my dress to give him a better view and put my window down he asked if he could feel my tits. I smiled and said in hoping you do more than that. He needed no more prompting and his finger in my knickers and had pulled one bra strap down to get a feel of one of my tits. I still wanted more so opened the car door took of my dress and bra and walked to the back of the car. This caught the attention of of few of the other man and they walked over they asked my first visitor if I would suck there cocks and he explained I was on my own. This was like a green light to them and before I could do anything I was on my knees surrounded by 4 cocks. I sucked each of them one at a time this must have been to much for the last man because he came in my mouth within seconds. One of the men asked if he could fuck me I told him to lay down so I could still suck cocks while I rid him. I kick my knickers off and slid down my first cock of the night. I noticed a few new faces had turned up but did not care I was in ecstasy. I was was sucking a cock and could feel spunk been shot over my shoulders and tits. Then felt a finger being pushed into my arse this sent me over the edge and I cum for the first time. One of the men said it looks like she likes it in the arse. I knew what was coming and felt the first penis being pushed into my arse. They got a steady rythem going and before long felt the man in my pussy filling me with his cum shortly followed by the man in my backside I rolled of on to my back and just lay there for the rest of the men to fuck me. But there was a few who just wanted there cocks sucked or just to want over my tits. I did not care I just loved the attention. I can honestly say I don't know how many of the men fucked me but I can remember sucking the same bloke off twice so he must have liked the show. When all the men had finished with me I grabbed my dress and walked round the back again to fined my favourite knickers and they had gone someone must have kept them as a trophy. I headed home and went up stairs for a shower God I was a mess but I loved every minute of it. So if you see a blonde on her own out dogging In Yorkshire come and say hello.