Written by steve

29 May 2007

A couple of years ago a group of us had been out on the town and had ended up in a nightclub as was normal. I was with my wife and a number of friends, couples etc. – probably about 10 of us in total. I can’t remember the specifics. I’d been going through a bit of a hard time with my wife and we hadn’t had sex for a couple of weeks. In the club, we were all stood at the bar when my wife and one of the girls decided to go for a dance.

A few minutes later I was alerted by one of my friends to look at my wife on the dance floor. She was dancing with two guys who were sandwiching her – one in front of her and one behind, both dancing very closely. I said that it was fine and not to worry. I kept watching though and had a pretty clear view of what was going on. I don’t think that she was aware that I could see.

The guy in front of her had both of his hands on her bottom and was pulling her hips close to his. The guy behind her had one hand on her left thigh and the other around her waist. She had one hand on the hips of the guy infront and one on the hip of the guy behind her. Jen, my wife, does have a fantastic body. She is 5’5 with 32E breasts and a slim frame, blonde, shoulder length hair and wonderful blue eyes. That night she was wearing tight black trousers and a red strapless bodice.

As they danced to the next song, the three stayed close together. Jen’s hands wandered over the chest of the guy in front of her, and he was clutching her bottom more tightly. The guy behind her had bravely let his hands wander to below her breasts and was cupping them slightly. The first guy leaned in to kiss her and she accommodated, parting her lips to allow his tongue access. The guy behind began kissing her neck and openly caressing her breasts.

The dance floor was becoming more packed and so I could only see them occasionally. The next time I had a good view I could see that the guy behind her had pushed his hand down the front of her trousers and had his hand in her knickers, relatively concealed by the first guy’s body. I couldn’t believe that he was fingering her on the dance floor! I then lost sight of them, only to notice the three of them going up stairs.

I followed them now. Oddly I was finding this scene quite erotic. I kept my distance and followed them to the R&B room, which was darker and had more hidden corners, with many couples getting close in them. I stayed near the bar area upstairs, positioned to give me a view of the corner where they’d sat down. Jen was between the two guys and was kissing one of them – the one from before, whilst the other one was playing with her breasts through her top. He pulled it down slightly revealing a nipple which he began to suck on. No-one seemed to notice this – perhaps as there was a fair bit of it going on up there, albeit subtly. I also noticed that the guy sucking her nipple also had unbuttoned her trousers and had his hand down the front of them, fingering her again. Soon, both of the guys had their hands all over my wife’s body. I could see that she had one of her hands down the front of one guy’s trousers, but I couldn’t see the other hand. Whatever she was doing forced the second guy to move around facing her more which obscured my view. I moved to another dark area almost opposite them so I could watch better.

By the time I got there, I noticed that they had pulled her trousers and knickers down to just below her knees and were trying to cover her with one of their coats as she was helping the first guy to unbutton his flies and release his hard cock. She turned around and sat on his lap, clearing taking his cock inside her, as the second guy positioned himself to avoid too many people seeing what was going on. They were working as a real team. They were fucking my wife and I was watching.

At that moment, Jen noticed me watching. But instead of panicking and stopping she just smiled and winked at me as she moved up and down on the guy’s cock. She had the other guy’s exposed cock in her left hand too and was wanking him in front of me.

After the first guy had cum, which didn’t take long, they re-arranged themselves and in the same way Jen then sat on the second guy’s cock. I saw her face change as she began to cum, and the guy followed soon afterwards. They then pulled their clothes back on and tidied themselves up before going back downstairs. Jen winked at me again as they passed. I followed shortly behind and found the three of them dancing again on the dance floor.

After the next song finished, she kissed them both subtly and walked back to us at the bar. No-one else in our group had any idea other than she’d been flirting on the dance floor. She knew that I knew. She came over and kissed me passionately, whispering in my ear, ‘did you enjoy that? Shall we go now?’

We left, and once back our sex life re-kindled in a way that I’d never have suspected.