Written by ann

20 Mar 2012

In the first part I explained how Jason my younger lover had shown me that I was still a desirable woman and what men really wanted. For the first time I felt a bit of guilt about my husband maybe if I had been more attentive in the bedroom he would not have had the affair and we would still be together, but life is all about choices some good some bad.

My car failed the Mot, 2 new tyres and something to do with the engine, my local garage wanted £400 plus parts to fix it, about £200 more than I had, but I needed the car for work. Jason told me to take the car to a garage he used one of those back street places and ask for Kevin. Kevin it turned out was in his late 40s, married and owned the place. I explained as best I could what the main dealer had said and showed him the Mot fail note. Kevin got one of the mechanics who was about 20 something to hook up my car to a machine while I waited and I stood around for a while until Kevin offered me a cup of coffee in his office. “So your Jason`s current fuck buddy” was his opening line, and I duly smiled. We chatted for around 10 minutes mainly about Jason until the door opened and the young mechanic put his head around the door and mentioned something about a sensor for the Focus. Kevin turned to me and asked how I wanted to pay for the work, we both knew what he was asking. Kevin explained he would have to charge for the part, about £50 and I would still have to get new tyres but he could help me out with the labour costs if I was willing.

It was agreed, I would bring the car back Thursday morning before work and they would get the car done and re-tested. I arrived on the Thursday and Kevin was dealing with another customer, then he came over to me and took me to the office. “ I was thinking, I`d like something on account” he said as his hand slid up my skirt. There was no pre amble his finger was already poking its way into my hole, I began to lubricate and he pushed further. “Jason said you like a bit of fun and are very accommodating” he said as his finger found my bum hole. “Good he said, we understand each other” as he withdrew his finger from my bum.

I got back that evening around 6.30pm as Kevin had told me, the young mechanic was still working and Kevin again took me to the back office. “Close up now Tom, come through when you’re ready”. Once in the office his finger quickly found my holes again and soon my tits were lose, my knickers on the office floor. Tom the young mechanic knocked and came into the room and I quickly turned away pulling my jumper down over my tits. “Tom did your car for you in his lunch break…..there`s not a problem is there?” Kevin asked and I realised that I was expected to do both of them. Turning back to face Tom I said no problem at all and he joined his boss in fingering me. They both fucked me and used my bum and when they were finished Tom left. Kevin and I talked a little longer then he showed me to the toilet where I cleaned myself up a little. Kevin came into the toilet and told me to pee into the sink, reluctantly I pulled my skirt up lifted my pussy over the rim of the sink and had a wee to his delight