Written by Will W.

2 Jul 2016

So when last I checked, I have a raging orgy going on in my bedroom, a young man passed out in his own vomit in the master bathroom while Julie and I are in the pool talking to a couple of college kids that are interested in swinging but not interested in bringing their other college chums into their fantasy. My wife has been fucked by ten guys already, if you want to call it fucking with some of them. I, on the other hand, have yet to climax.

John and Jennifer were both very attractive kids. If truth be told, Jennifer was actually the one I had the hardest time taking my eyes off of both at the beach and tonight. Unlike the other two cheerleaders, she had begun to fill out. The other two girls had small muscular asses but hers was fuller. Not fat to the point of being unsightly, but full to the point of jiggling with impact. Her ass reminded me of Julie’s when we first met. Jennifer, unlike Julie, was blonde with natural curly hair. She had beautiful blue eyes, a kind face, and a gorgeous smile that framed her pouty lips. I remember thinking that she had the best dick sucking lips I had ever seen. In essence, Jennifer was one for the ages. John was not a bad looking guy either. He was one of the boys on the cheer squad. He had a muscular torso with solid arms and legs. I caught Julie staring at his ass a couple of times while we were on the beach. “He’s a younger version of you,” she told me once. Nothing wrong with that. John was not one of the bigger batters in the group. He had a large set of balls but his cock was probably a little smaller and thinner than mine…….not that I’m keeping score.

I talked with Julie about a plan I had. I told her we needed to separate them and see what each of them was desiring. My fear was that one was not being honest with the other. They were both nervous and were on the shy side. Julie went inside with Jennifer while I was supposed to stay outside with John in the pool until we were called. There was just one problem: we left the monkeys running the asylum. Before having a heart to heart with this boy, I needed to check on the shenanigans going on in the big house, specifically our bedroom. And truth be told, I was worried a little about Vomit King.

Back up in our bedroom, things had died down a little bit. One of the girls was passed out on the bed, while the other one attended to her boyfriend and one of his teammates. She was on all fours taking one of the smaller guys who fucked my wife (#3 I believe) in her mouth while her boyfriend was nailing her from behind. Her moans were muffled by the cock in her mouth. Every once in a while, she would pop his dick out and crank it while she caught her breath. “Awe, awe, awe, awe, Oh, awe awe, awe, fuck!” I love the sounds people make when they are in the throes of passion.

“Is she alright?” I interrupted, pointing to the naked passed out girl on my bed. All of them were startled at hearing my voice. I was glad that Thing 3 wasn’t in her mouth or he might have suffered an accident.

“She’s fine. Just sleeping. I think she wore out. She didn’t even drink that much,” came the response from the young lady dripping her juices all over the sheets on my side of the bed.

I walked into the bathroom. “Where is Vomit King?” He was no longer sleeping on his pillow of puke and bath mat.

They laughed and the boyfriend said, “Oh, Jimmy. I think the others took him to a bed.”

“Fair enough. Carry on then.” I needed to find Vomit King.

I walked down the hall and opened the next bedroom door. No Jimmy but what I saw was very interesting and somewhat erotic. Pass Out Girl’s boyfriend was lying on the bed getting his dick devoured by Thing 2 while Thing 7 was shoving his seven inches up the boy’s ass. Normally something like this does not turn me on, but tonight I was taken aback a little at the sensation rattling in my loins. (Perhaps it was the fact that I had not cum yet.) When I was in college, orgies and same sex intercourse did not happen very often, at least not that I knew about it. I recall thinking to myself how things have changed, sexuality is not as repressed in this generation as has been in the past. These boys, for one reason or another, had decided to take matters into their own hands. I paused at the doorway and watched 7 going to town on 2. He grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto him, working up his pace until finally he groaned and drew his ass up to his loins, unleashing his seed deep in 2’s ass. Shortly after, Pass Out Girl’s boyfriend shot his load all over 2’s face. 7, now finished with his romp, noticed the door was open. I saw him look at me right as I was shutting the door. I was walking down the hall when the door opened and he came running out, deflating cock flapping back and forth between his legs. “Please, please don’t tell anyone. This is our first time and the others would never let us hear the end of it if they knew.”

I looked down at him, his cock was dripping the remainder of his cum onto my hardwood floor. “Clean up your mess,” I pointed at the floor, “And I will forget everything.” He thanked me and walked back towards the room.

“Have you seen Vomit King?” I asked hopefully, “Jimmy?”

“Haven’t seen him. He’s not with us.” Shit! That kid has been trouble from the start.

The other three rooms upstairs yielded no results. I marched downstairs and into the game room, where I found the Bobbsey twins and Meat shooting pool. “Where is Jimmy?” I asked them.

“The other guys have him over there.” Meat pointed to the work out room. This can’t be fucking good, I thought.

When I was in college and someone passed out, we normally would draw on them with permanent marker. I had a friend who had a complete skeleton drawn in all over his body. Most of the time someone would draw a cock going into the mouth or a sign that said, PUT DICK HERE with an arrow to their ass. Let me tell you what, kids this day are much meaner than we were. I found the last three guys in the rec room with Vomit King. He was still buck naked and his arms, legs and torso were duct taped to my wife’s exercise ball and they were balancing him in a way that two of them could hold their cocks up to his mouth while the other one took pictures with his cellphone.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” I tried to sound authoritative and was also trying not to laugh. The child in me digs shit like this.

“We are just having a little fun. He deserves it,” one of them stated, “last time I passed out he taped me to the shitter.”

“Just go to bed. Just fucking leave and go to bed.” I walked over to the poor kid and began ripping into the tape. The kids holstered their cocks and went away looking dejected. “MY DEAR LORD! YOU LITTLE FUCKERS DUCT TAPED HIS NUTS TO THE BALL!” They busted out laughing as they moved into the game room to shoot pool. I got the King detached from the ball and then helped him get to his feet. I ripped off what duct tape I could but didn’t have the heart to yank it off his balls. He looked completely out of it.

“What happened? Did I pass out before I got to fuck?” he asked.

“Nope. You did a great job, stud. She was very pleased with your performance.” No reason to add insult to injury.

“My nuts hurt,” he groaned.

“That’s because you have duct tape stuck to them,” I couldn’t help but smile a little, “and as much as I want to help you out, you’re on your own with that one.”

“Fucking guys!” With friends like that, who needs enemies? I poured him into a bed upstairs and went back out to the pool to speak with John.

I got back to the pool with two beers and John and I sat in the hot tub while I grilled him. John was part of the cheer squad. He and Jenn were high school sweethearts who decided to go to college together. He was best buddies with Meat, who I found out was named Steve. They were running with a group of kids over the last three years that were quite promiscuous. The other two girls, I already have forgotten their names, had switched boys in this group like shit through a goose. It was not unheard of for them to double up at times. Nobody seemed jealous about it. He and Jenn had been propositioned many times to join in the sexual escapades but neither wanted to admit they were interested. John was worried that Jennifer might leave him for one of his “larger” buddies if he let her fuck the other guys. He had a talk with her and both were indeed curious what it would be like to fuck other people, but Jenn didn’t want him fucking her friends either. Hence their quandary. We spent the rest of the conversation with me giving him pointers about sex. “The most important thing above all others is: LISTEN TO JENN. She has the playbook to winning her heart and giving her great sex. If you get to know her body, her likes and dislikes, and if you treat her with respect and cherish her, you will not need to worry about her leaving.” I hopped out of the pool. “Let me check on the girls.”

I walked over to the window and peered in. The blinds were open and I could see Julie and Jenn sitting on the bed. Jenn appeared to have been crying. Julie was consoling her. She was asking her a lot of questions and Jenn would nod and shake her head in response. After several minutes, they hugged. John walked over and peered in next to me. “What’s going on?”

“Don’t know yet,” I replied. I was worried about the tears. Not a good thing when women are crying most of the time. We continued to watch. After a few minutes, Julie got up and brought Jenn a hand towel. Then she took Jenn by the arms and stood her up. Julie was considerably taller than Jenn. She brought her to her chest and hugged her again, then she kissed her forehead and asked her a question. Jenn nodded. Then Julie kissed her again on the forehead, then her cheek, and then on the lips. For the last hour or so I had forgotten that I had a penis, but the little bugger reminded me he was there when I saw this. HOLY SHIT, I thought, the Holy Grail of marriage, the girl-girl experience. Julie and Jenn kissed each other, first hesitantly and then passionately as they embraced. Julie cupped Jenn’s supple ass ever so lightly. Then she moved on to Jenn’s chest. She sat on the bed and brought Jenn up to her as she buried her face in her ample breasts. “How big are Jenn’s tits?” I asked John.

“Fuck I don’t know. Why are you asking me this question?” No reason, just wondering if my dickhead would see the other side if I stuck it between her lovely breasts.

Julie guided Jenn onto the bed and laid her down. She laid next to her. They kissed some more while Julie softly caressed Jenn’s tits, lightly pinching her hard nipples between her fingers. She kissed her neck, then each breast, then her stomach, moving slowly down her body. She spread her legs and dropped in between them, kissing all around Jenn’s loins and vagina. Then she started licking her and kissing her pussy softly. Jenn started to moan a little and grabbed at the sheets. My little general was standing at attention. That’s when I began to think how absurd this would look to anyone not in the know. Here are two naked men peering through a window with erections. I looked over at John, “Dude, if you are going to jack off don’t stand to fucking close to me.”

Julie continued to kiss Jenn’s pussy and clitoris as she slowly slid one, then two fingers into her eager vagina. She started slow and then began to hasten the pace. Jenn started bucking back, meeting the thrusts of her fingers while my wife tongued her clitoris. I did not take Jenn long to cum. She groaned a little louder, flexed her stomach muscles and grabbed Julie’s head as she came all over my wife’s face. “She’s never been that loud with me,” John stated bluntly, looking slightly crestfallen. I thought she was rather quiet given what just happened.

Without looking up, Julie called out to us in a loud voice, “You two idiots need to stop wacking off and get your asses in here before you draw any more attention to yourselves.”