Written by Will W.

30 Jun 2016

A few months after our excursion with Andre, Julie and I took the kids down to our house at the coast. My parents came along as well. We have a villa that is made up of 6 cabana houses and the main house, all surrounding a private pool. The setup is nice for us to invite groups down. We can stay in the main house and everyone else files into the cabana houses. We were there altogether 10 days but my parents left with the kids early so Julie and I could spend the last weekend together.

On Saturday we decided to go to the beach. In the middle of summer it gets crowed early, so I took the first available spot I could find and began to set up our shade. On one side of us was a lovely family. They were excited to see us because on the other side of us we had some youngsters. There were thirteen boys and three girls to be exact. They had just arrived too and were setting up their shades. When they began to disrobe, it was clear that all of them had to be athletes. The boys had rock hard stomachs and were muscular in a “not too overdone” way. The girls, to my chagrin, were all beautiful and every one of them had on a thong bathing suit. Julie accused me of planning this to which I laughed and said, “I couldn’t have planned this if I tried.”

After a few beers, I asked Julie if there were any boys over there she would like to fuck. “All of them,” came the response. She asked me if I wanted to fuck any of the girls and I replied, “All of them. Hell, I would even fuck half the guys.” She laughed at that.

After an hour or so, all the kids were bunched up around the water’s edge doing all sorts of acrobatic moves, hand springs, back and front flips, hand stands. The boys were using a gliding board to ride the across the tide as it came in. They tried all sorts of stunts, most of which did not work. My wife used to be a gymnast when she was younger, and was still able to do some of the moves. “I dare you to run in there and do a hand stand,” I said.

“I’ll do you one more,” she replied. She got up out of the seat and then began a series of back handsprings that landed her right in the middle of the group. They were impressed and applauded her. She introduced herself and they started to talk for a while. I gradually drifted over and began to meet them. They were all from a local college. All of the girls were cheerleaders and most of the boys were Lacrosse, although two of the boys were also a part of the cheering squad.

We had a wonderful afternoon. I beat all the boys in a shotgun race, finishing my beer twice as fast as they did. I got wonderful looks at bare female bottoms. We carried on conversations about asses, breasts, sex. Towards the end of the day, I asked Julie if she wanted to throw a party. She agreed and we invited the whole crew to our house for dinner and swimming.

By the time they all showed, we were ready. We had a keg of beer, bourbon, vodka, gin, rum and tequila. We all ate burgers and dogs and then retired to the swimming pool. Liquor was pouring into these kids at rates I have not seen in a long, long time. It did not take long for swimming suits to start coming off. First one boy, then another, then another, then one girl. My wife even took off her top but refused to go bottomless. (She has a thing about getting photographed nude.) There was a lot of horseplay and grab-ass going on, but as the night wore on the three college girls began coupling up with their partners and retiring to the cabana houses. One of the guys assessed the situation and yelled out, “Hell, this is becoming a swordfest.”

“My wife’s still here,” I said.

“Is she going to fuck all of us?” he looked incredulous but hopeful.

“I don’t know. You will have to ask her yourself,” I said laughing, “You never know what type of mood she is in.”

We all began to congregate around the steps of the pool where my wife sat. I could tell she was getting horny. I am fairly sure she was already stoking one of the guys off, who was seated behind her one step up. There was some idle chit chat before Julie asked them why none of them were in the cabanas right now getting laid.

“We were hoping we could sleep with you,” one of them replied.

“Well I don’t know about that,” Julie chided, “Let’s see what you got. Line up.”

The boys lined up in front of her and one by one she grabbed their cocks. Some she would stroke, others she would suck for a minute to get them harder. “I think you will all do.” She looked at me. “Bring them into the bedroom one at a time.”

I had no idea how this was going to proceed but Julie did lay down the rules. Only one on the bed at a time in the order that she chose and every one of them had to wear a condom. I went into the room before bringing in the first boy. “Are you going to be ok with this?” I asked her.

“I am looking forward to it. It’s not my first train, you know.”

“No. I did not know that but thanks for sharing. Do you know any of their names?” I asked.

“Nope. Does it matter? They’re just cocks as far as I am concerned.”

“Well,” I said, “As long as you don’t forget my name we will be ok.”

“Don’t worry, Jim.” she responded coyly and then said, “Let the cockfest begin.” Who the fuck is Jim?

So I lined them all up outside the door and sent them in one at a time when she called out “NEXT!” I was going pretty fast so when the last one was sent in I realized she was lining them up based on their penis size. I am happy to report that I was not the smallest in the room. Out of the ten boys in the room, six were smaller than me or the same size. One boy was about seven inches. Two of the larger boys were identical twins and measured in at about seven and a half inches and the other boy was right at about eight.

Julie laid down on the bed. “Smallest first!” she shouted.

It was obvious to me that the first boy did not know what the hell he was doing. He was fumbling around with the condom and having a difficult time trying to get his cock hard. “Hold on a minute!” I said, “This isn’t going to fucking get off the ground at this rate. Move over.” The kid slid over to the other side of the bed and I grabbed my wife’s hips and started going down on her. It was not long before she was moaning my name, “OH WILL, OH WILL, FUCK! YOU EAT ME SO WELL. FUCK!” She ground her pussy into my face and began thrusting my tongue in her pussy as violently as I could.

Finally she started shouting, “I’m ready! I’m ready for those studs to fuck me!” This is a game we play. I gripped her hips even harder and continued to fuck her face with my tongue until she blasted out an orgasm. “FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” Now she was ready and so was junior because when I looked over at him he was hard as a rock and the condom was finally on.

“Be my guest,” I said as I moved off the bed and he climbed on.

It did not take him long to reach orgasm. A few quick, awkward, jerky thrusts and a couple of fuck me studs by my wife and he was done. The next three were about the same as the first…..pretty uneventful. The fifth guy had some staying power which appealed to Julie. He was the first to actually move her into a second position, doggie style, before grabbing her hips and unleashing his load. The sixth guy fucked her hard and was the first to rip off the condom and spray cum on my wife. I went into the bathroom to grab a towel and found the first guy throwing up all over the commode. “Fucking great!” I said, “I let you fuck my wife and this is how you pay me back. You are cleaning this up tomorrow.”

I went back into the bedroom and wiped Julie’s tits and stomach off before the next guy coupled with her. This is where it would get interesting for me. Up until now, I felt like I was running a summer sex camp for juvenile kids. The next four had larger cocks. I was hoping they would know how to use them.

The seventh boy got a good rhythm going and Julie’s exclamations started to sound more realistic. When she goes into the “NOW YOU’RE GETTING’ IT! NOW YOU’RE GETTIN’ IT!” mode you know she is into it. He flipped her over and pounded her pussy doggy style. She laid him down and climbed on top of his big cock, riding him like a demon. She reached around behind her and groped is balls, “How are you liking it? You like my pussy, baby?” BOOM! That was it. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock all the way into her, unleashing his load into the condom.

After he got up Julie called me over. “I want Chip and Dale there as a pair. I have never done twins before. Also baby, I don’t want the rest of them to use condoms. I don’t like the way they feel.”

“Your circus, your monkeys,” I said and told the twins to take off the condoms and get on the bed together. Julie took one of them in her mouth while the other took her from behind. They got a hot rhythm going, one grabbing her hips (I love watching other men grabbing my wife’s hips as they fuck her) and the other slamming his balls against Julie’s chin as he face fucked her. They even gave each other a high five while doing her. After a few minutes, she rotated around and took them the opposite way. The one in her pussy blasted fist, pulling out and spraying his semen all over my wife’s ass. Then she pulled the other one out and laid him down and started to ride him reverse cowgirl, stroking his balls as she did. It did not take long for him to cum……..forgetting to pull out………right into my wife’s pussy. I looked over at one of the boys, “Go get me a beer.”

When he returned with my beer I had wiped off my wife and she was now ready for the big boy to mount her. The kid who brought me my beer asked me, “Don’t you mind? I mean, how can you let all these guys sleep with your wife?”

“It’s a great question kid and one I can’t really explain entirely. All I know is that I love watching my wife fuck. I love the way her face contorts, the way she screams, the way she grabs guys asses and latches onto them with her legs when she cums. The whole show is worth the price of letting another rooster in the bedroom. Shit gets old when you eat the same thing every day. You have to spice it up a bit. And when I am fucking her, I don’t have the vantage point where I can see all of what she is doing.”


Julie wrapped her arms around his muscular back and whispered something in his ear. He then lifted her up and shimmied his way off the bed, standing up while still inside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he grabbed her ass and began lifting her up and down his flagpole. “FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! FUCK ME YOU STUD! YOU FUCK ME SO WELL! FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!”

This was an education for the shorties in the room. It’s not fair, but for some women, bigger is indeed better. They looked to be a little bit in awe. All of them were rock hard. Ah to be young, dumb and full of cum again!

By the time Buster Big Dick had emptied his seed into my wife, everyone at our party was accounted for, even the girls, except for one couple. The young stud fucking my wife laid her back down on the bed and she laid there recuperating. It did not take long for sexual activity to break out in the room. Both the cheerleaders were now on their knees sucking dick. I told the boys to get the girls to the bed and when that happened, the scene became a free for all fuck fest. I still had not cum yet. I found my wife and lifted her off the bed before she became the interest of one of the other boys and took her outside. As we both hopped in the pool, her to rinse off the sweat and cum and me to cool down, we notice the other couple sitting at the edge, both naked but wrapped in towels.

“Why aren’t you in there fucking your brains out?” Julie asked. The boy told her that while they were interested in group sex, they had never done it before and were not too keen on doing it with all of their friends from school. “It would just make our situation awkward if I had to suit up with guys I know have fucked my girl,” the boy said.

“What are your names?” I asked

“John and Jennifer,” he replied. Too many fucking J’s in the pool I thought.

“Well, John,” I said, “What you got going on in there is a Class IV Free-For-All Orgy. The only thing bigger involves barnyard animals. You go in there and you might end up with a handful of something you don’t want to have in your hand. You all need to start with something a little tamer, like swapping for instance. Then you can work up into something like that.”

“Will you all help us with that?” Jennifer asked hopefully. I looked at Julie. She was obviously tired from the beating she took in there, especially the last three guys. But my Julie is a kind woman and does not like to disappoint. She winked at me and smiled. Here we go again, I thought to myself. Maybe this time I will get to cum.