Written by Mistress_eliz_l

29 Apr 2008

I will always wonder at my nerve, as I watched your face, yes I could still surprise you.

So it wasn’t my hands restrained this time, it was the guy with a lustful look in his eye who had done as he was told. I had of course told him I would make it worth his while……. And yours of course considering I had tied you to a nearby chair as you looked on eagerly awaiting what would unfold.

The man was already hard and I would tell you later what I had done to ensure that and I knew you were as you looked over my body tightly under the wrap of a new black catsuit you hadn’t seen before, adorned with a multitude of zips to expose certain parts as I wished finished with the most amazing crutch high boots in pvc.

I had no intention of playing completely hard to get I just wanted hard! I sat the man on the chair in front of me telling him he couldn’t cum under any circumstances; looking towards you I told you the same. I secured my prisoner to the chair and knelt in front of him giving you a perfect view of my ass as he got a perfect view of my mouth hungrily open lowering down on his cock, oh how tormenting for you to know what I was doing and not be able to see as I took the full length of him sliding my mouth up and down over his cock hearing his shallow breaths as I then slowly licked my way up and down the shaft circling with my tongue. My hand gripping the base of his cock as you heard his moans low and guttural. I seem to recall only stopping when he said “suck my cock harder you bitch” tut tut, never allowed so I raised myself and stepped back, you knew but I think you were more interested in what I would do next. I stepped forward again pushed my chest against him and unzipping my breasts told him “you suck ,you’re my slut” He didn’t seem to mind as I felt his tongue and teeth pushing against my nipples teasing them making them harder than they already were, he liked it, so did I.

I reached around and unzipped the crutch of the catsuit you could see me as I ran my fingers along my pussy pushing two deeply into myself, you both had really hard cocks which I loved and I knew yours would be harder at the thought of this man biting and sucking my nipples whilst I fingered myself. I didn’t want to cum too soon and had ideas for my chair that reclined. I flicked a switch and the chair tilted back, all the way back and as I lowered it I also swivelled it around to face you, Mmmmm the look on your face was fantastic, pure lust. My slut laid waiting as I bent forward so you could see how I sucked his cock making it nice and wet, my pussy getting wetter by the minute as I worked this mans cock for myself, and you could see my pussy wet and ready. You had to wait…… I didn’t want to make him cum that would have been no fun so I walked to the top of the chair and stood behind him he could tilt his head back and watch as I carried on fingering myself before pushing my fingers into his mouth. There are of course better ways to make a slut taste you so I placed my wide open thighs either side of the chair over his mouth and gripping his hair tight pushed my pussy down. His tongue was immediately in my pussy licking sucking as I groaned I was facing you and you told me to play with my tits, I had no objection to that request, just the one mind you…. Hee hee. I could see your face full of longing and your cock fit to burst as you watched me grinding up and down this mans face pinching my nipples him groaning under me his cock straining to cum, Mmmm ok by me I thought so I suddenly moved lower and facing you gripped his cock and rammed it tightly in my pussy wow so good, I still cant believe you didn’t cum then and there but you didn’t as you watched me grind harder milking his cock then slower wanting to tease his cum out of him. Under the weight of me I could feel him pushing up as my pussy gripped him tighter and my orgasm exploded around his cock, he wasn’t far behind me, thrusting upwards one last time emptying his seed into me , oh how you loved that knowing my pussy was hot tight and very wet with another mans cum.

It felt fair and right at that point to untie you both, ok horny was more like it as I was sure you would both want your revenge, Hmmmm who to untie first? Of course it had to be you my sexy plaything, with your hard cock ready to use me. The man a close second.

And you did use me, stepping up to me you pushed me to my knees in front of your cock and rammed it in my mouth hard, I loved that, the hardness as I strained to take all of you.

Your hands were in my hair tightly gripping it as you thrust into me and I could feel long fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, I had of course untied you both. You both swapped places and I sucked the man as I felt you widen my thighs and then you rammed your cock in before repeatedly sliding in and nearly out of my cunt, each thrust tormentingly slow as you pushed his cum deeper into my pussy calling me a slut as you did so, me pleading with you to fuck me harder as you pushed me lower down your hand clamped over the back of my neck. I was going to cum deep and hard much like earlier tonight, my mouth still full of cock and your hot cum pushing further into me as you came, Mmmmmm and you came so much, as did the man….. you could feel it running over your hand from my mouth as you gave me your fingers to bite down on after he’d cum.

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