Written by J-n2

10 May 2009

She pulled up at the car park of the hotel. "Just Lunch" he had said to her, so nothing to worry about was there? ..... apart from the fact that she had sent him some rather saucy pics to whet his appetite!

She'd seen him on a cam a few weeks ago, very sexy looking guy with a cheeky grin and a great sharp wit, she liked that. He seemed to be a normal everyday bloke looking for some nsa fun...... (maybe a little young for her but hey what the heck). The chat had been good and the exchange of humour made it a sure thing they had to meet if only to do the "just lunch" and see each other face to face

In he walked and came straight over to kiss her on the lips. Ummm tingling started somewhere in her stomach and spread down her legs. It was a sensation that needed to take over from the nerves that had built on her journey south to meet him

She'd chosen to dress down a little. No point in building his hopes up for "Just Lunch" was there. He seemed to be grinning and made her feel at ease, that the image she had of him as a pedo, into animals, axe mudering, jailbird was really now a joke!! (Now come on which one of you can claim not to think and worry about these things nowadays.)

She ordered a salad and glass of wine and started flirting. She couldn't help it he was quite a sexy guy and she was after all a very sexy woman....

So who made the first move? Hard to say really but needless to say the key was turning in the hotel bedroom door after the third glass of wine. She slipped out of her skirt and his eyes fell to the underwear she was wearing. Very classy lady with the smoothest of silk stockings and basque with laced-up back fastening. He took her to the bed and sat her down on the edge admiring what he saw. Undoing his troussers he pulled out a rather nice erect cock that met her eyes....and instant smile of approval! She looked up and without saying a word started sucking and licking the shaft in a teasing way. Slowly she then took in the head and pressed it through her lips, she felt him precum a little as she sucked a little harder. He stood there and enjoyed this sensation for as long as she was happy to suck and tease his cock to the edge of a climax.... the time had come when he knew he needed to pull out and get her to sit astride him, he wanted to feel himself pushing deep inside her

Pushing her panties to one side he revealed what he had only been able to imagine till that point.... a beautiful bare pussy, waxed not shaven that made it all the more pleasurable, such a soft feel, lips opened and her long stockinged legs were now either side of his chest. She looked very ready to cum with a clit standing out and begging to be squeezed. He held her clit with his finger and thumb and watched it grow. She next lowered herself onto him inch by inch, both of them savouring every bit of the initial penetration and excitment of a first fuck. She looked down and watched it going in, nice and slowly.... and then she was riding him at a steady pace

He released her breasts from the top of the basque and grinned even more that he had his hands on them after being teased by endless pictures of ample boobs and erect nipples over the last few weeks on SH. Putting one of her nipples in his mouth and biting her slightly she moaned and tensed on his cock with her pussy. Rhythmically they moved till she was close and about to cum all over his cock

He felt her arch her back in pleasure and push hard into him in circling movements. He was close, so very close. He wanted to taste her staight away as he felt her cumming and to extend her orgasm to the maximum limit that he could. He lifted her off and placed her on her back and with elbows pushing open her legs put two fingers into her pussy with one hand and with the other hand pulled back the hood on her clit as far as it would go. He gently ran his tongue all over the exposed head as she wriggled in pleasure. Her juices flowed over his fingers and he knew she was in a constant state of orgasm as he massaged her inside, which lasted several minutes, she was in a heightened state of arousal that any man would enjoy tasting and gently continue priming for more cum to flow with a stroking on the G spot inside her pussy.

Now readers, the lunch isn't for a couple of weeks yet, so how am i doing so far with my wicked thoughts?!

To my lunch date: if your reading this I'm blushing, I'm looking forward to a very nice.... "Just Lunch" of course meeting up