Written by Brian from spain

16 Feb 2008

my mate Steve and his wife Lynda come over to Spain regular for a holiday and for some swinging as Lynda just loves an extra large cock - this time they brought Lyndas sister Katie 33 whom we had fucked before in the UK and double reamed her - much to her delight, to say Katie was eager for cock was no lie - as soon as she was in the house she was touching my crutch and saying Im dying for some cock, well we are used to mix and match as I have my partner Pat and her sister Janet to keep happy as well as their cucky brother who has a tranny in tow and loves to suck and swallow - I even sometimes give his arse a good fucking to keep him in line, I do not think I have had a day go by for 5 years without at least coming once, with often Pat and Janet sharing me after a night out and both their cunts are hot.

Anyway Katie was her usual self and much to my suprise the girls said for fuck sake Brian she wont shut up till she has had some cock - so we started with her giving me a nice slow wank while I explored her body - now she has nothing to be ashamed of there - a nice tight shaved fanny - and a shaved star ring arse - which loves a bit of tongue, and I would say 36 D tits with those biggish nipples that have been well sucked over the years, without asking she put my cock in her mouth and sucked - she tried to deep throat but I was too big - but she took a lot down, by now I was ready for a good shag and pulled her legs up and apart on the end of the bed - no need for any fingering this babe was wet enough - a quick taste with my tongue confirmed - and I entered her honey hole, now she was not kidding when she said she was dying for some cock - I had hardly entered her before she had her first orgasm, and was very noisy- I made a note of not fucking her at night on the beach as I do with Pat and Janet sometimes, anyway this bought Steve into the room - sounds like she needs some thing to suck he said and put his cock into her greedy mouth, with his hands on one tit and me on the other, she was coming for Britain, with it not just running but squirting out of her cunt - so I just slowed then gave one extra push up her cunt and blew my sperm right inside that greedy fanny, she nearly bit on Steves prick when I did that - which in turn made Steve cum into her mouth with his cock right deep down her throat - she actually gagged with his cock and spunk for a few seconds, before regaining herself- with everything and getting a double load she was well fucked by then - I still had my cock up her and my hands on her Tit, she was getting her breath back and Steve said right lick it clean then, and back his cock went into her mouth - like some one on hypnosis she did what she was told and sucked away - then I said right now me Katie and swopped over with Steve, now over the years I have had a blow job most nights, but that girl sucked like a hoover and run her tongue around the prick head, and then licked all round my bollocks.

Over the next 2 weeks Katie had her fair share of both me and Steves cock - but I enjoyed the clean up blow job afterwards the best- I took delight in fucking that arse of hers- as she was not into anal until then - and I know my 10 inch size must have hurt her at times but she took it well - but Steve used to have her arse and I her cunt when we double teamed the girls - he actually likes arses best while I like the feel of a womans cunt muscles around my cock.

One day we let Tammy the tranny join in - as she also has a reasonable cock and we double teamed Katie while she sucked off Tammy, the other girls liked to watch the exhibition and was doing the tit playing on Katie and Tammy, who after we had fucked her was into giving the two girls some deep oral - face sitting at its best - my two do like there fannies sucked out - normally one of my jobs.

Got to go lads - Pat has just come out of the bathroom - no knickers again - and that look in her eye - its sex time again.