Written by jc

30 Dec 2008

this is the usual storie of a husband who wants to watch his wife fucked by one or more men whilst watching. i have approached my wife numberous times on this subject but always been told no way by the wife. just to let you know what my wife looks like so you can get the picture, she is a petite 4\'-11\'\' with 36f tits but the fantastic bit about them is the size of the nipples, the surrounds are about 3\'\' whilst the nipples must almost be as big as my thumb,what a sight. but i am the only man ever to have the pleasure of sucking and playing with them. once whilst on holiday in greece, i persaded her to go topless by the pool, but within ten minutes she put her bikini top back on, the reason why is because of all the attention from men and women, one man, i think he was italian could not hide the erection they had given him, he was wearing speedos and his cock must have been ten inches long. i know my wife had noticed this and could not stop herself from staring, her nipples had gone even bigger but she still insisted she cover up. bitch. later over diner i spoke to her about it and asked if she wanted me to ask him to our room, she went red and denied staring and turned my offer down, prudish bitch.

anyway back to the storie, i had gone out with 2 freinds dave and dan to the pub and after closing time i asked both of them back to mine for more drinks, on the way home dan said he was going to fetch some food and woudl catch up later.

when me and dave entered the house to my purprise the wife was still up, unusual for her but never mind i thought. at that she said she was going to have a soak in the bath, and of she went.

whilst we were drinking i asked dave if he wanted to play cards, for money he said, which i agreed.

the usual subject came up whilst playing, sex, i asked dave what turned him on most about a women, i could not believe my ears when he said women with big nipples, and went on to almost disdribe my wife tits and nipples exactly, but had never come across such a women.

i started to laugh, and told dave about my wifes.

whilst telling him i noticed him getting an obvious bulge,anyway i said lets start playing. before long a had started to lose quite heavly, iou\'s do dave as i ran out of cash.

just then my wife came into the room only wearing a bath robe, what you two upto she asked, dave answered quickly losing a lot of monie to me, how much she asked, about £500 he replied, christ she snapped at me, we can\'t afford that.

at that i told her about what me and dave had said about dave liking big nipples,

my wife stopped for a moment with a deep thought on har face, i told her if she let dave see her tits we would be quits, i went on to tell her it would only be the same as when she went topless on holiday, she replied yes a look at what that caused.

but £500 babe i said, ok, but only a look, we all agreed.

my wife stood there and loosened the bath robe carful only to show her tits,

myself and dave gasped, i did not think she would go through with it standing there with her perfect tits on show to dave, her nipples bigger than i had discribed them.

dave just stared in disbilef, my wife noticed dave getting a massive bulge in his

jeans, at that she covered herself up to mine and dave disapointement.

dave then looked at me then my wife and asked how much to feel them, again my wife stunned me when she answered quickly another £500, dave again looked at me and i nodded, he agreed.

as he went towards her she exposed her tits again for him, dave lifted one of the nipples towards his mouth and started to suck slowly, i sure i herd my wife sigh with pleasure.

after about 5 minutes she pulled back and said your moneys up.

dave stood there with a massive hard on and must have been in agony.

it was then i turned to her and said show us your cunt you dirty slag, at that she stepped out of her bath robe, there she stood completly naked apart from the tiniest thong i had ever seen with dark pubic hair poking from both sides.

i took out my 7 incher and started to slowly wank, at that my wife asked dave if he wanted to take his cock out and wank.

dave began to unfasten his jeans and lowered them to to ground as he stood upright his cock was on full show, my wife gasped and said to me no way am i letting him near me with that thing, it looked almost twice as big as mine and thicker than my arm.

as dave started to wank himself at the site of my wife, i went over to her and lay her on the sofa, i got between her legs pulling her pants off, my wifes cunt that was normally quite tight looked more wet and open that i could ever remember.

she took four of my fingers without any effort, as she squirmed on my fingers all she could do is stare at dave massive cock.

i asked if she wanted to touch it, she nodded, i told dave to come around to the side of her, she took hold of it with both hands, not even covering half of it.

at that dave put his hands between her legs and started to rub her clit, this sent her wild, at that she attempted to put the head of his cock in her mouth, the head was almost the size of a orange.

i now started to lick her clit still having 4 fingers up her.

after a few moments of this i looked up to see that she had managed to get the head of the monster cock in her mouth but her eyes where watering and she kept gagging, i removed my fingers and she removed his cock, i asked her if she wanted to try and take it in her cunt, i don\'t think i could fit the head in she said, at that dave said it was ok as he had never met a woman who could take it anyway, this came across as a challenge to my wife as she istantly said she i want to try.

her cunt was the wettest i had ever seen it, i pulled her to the edge of the sofa so her cunt was on the edge, i moved to the side of her and reached down and held the lips of her cunt and opened as wide as they would go, what a sight i nearly come.

i then told dave to come round, as he knealed between her legs he positioned his cock at the entrance, slowly he tryed to push the head in, but it looked imposible, it will not fit i told my wife.

don\'t stop now she replied, just get the head of that cock in i want to feel it inside you bastard.

at that dave pushed hard and the head slid in, my wife screamed in pain and pleasure, there was only the head in as she began to shout out that she was coming, dave pushed a little more until about 4\'\' were in.

crying and coming she shouted stop you bastard your splitting me appart, dave pulled out, her cunt was left gapping open.

she asked dave if anybody had taken that much before, dave replied only one girl before had taken that and about one inch more.

my wife told him to lie on his back, with the monster cock pointing to the ceiling she covered his cock with ky jelly, just then the door rang, it was dan, should i get rid of him or ask him in, fuck it i thought, come in dan.

has dan walked in the room he just dropped the food and stood there in a daze,

my wife was positioning daves cock at the entrance to her cunt, but as she tryed to lower herself onto the monster she could not get the head of it in.

she turned to us both and ordered us to help her, as we walked over she lifted up slightly and told us to grab a cunt lip each, we did this and she lowered herself down again, this time the head went in, fuck she screamed, bit by bit she took another inch, her eyes rolling with pleasure and pain, when she was about half way down his cock she stopped and started to lift up again, she did this until she was nearly of his cock and then down again.

every time she lifted off i could see her cunt being pulled out.

dan was now undressed with his cock in his hand, he went around the back of her and nudged his rock hard cock against her arse hole, i thought she would object but instead leaned forward for him to gain entrance, as dans cock slipped into her arse dave was pushing up to get more of his cock in, my wife begain to scream and buck about on both of their cocks as she was climaxing.

dan and dave pulled out at the same time, and come all over her fantastic tits.

the next day my wife stayed in bed all day as she could not walk. i kept asking her to show me her cunt and arse hole, even the day after her cunt was gapping open.

hope to repeat again soon.