Written by Billy

11 Feb 2007

After the night that my beautiful wife Di had sucked and fucked my mate john in front of me, we sat and had a long talk. We both knew that our sex lives would never be the same again. I explaind to her what a turn on it was for me to see other men looking at her and how mind blowing it had been to see John fuck her. "so you don't mind that I shagged him" she asked " I can't wait till you do it again" I replied. She then explained that she also loved it when she caught men looking at her and told me in great detail how it had felt to fuck my mate. We were so turned on that I fucked there and then on the Living room floor (not a thought to who might be looking through our window.

We agreed that we wanted to do it again but she said she was a little scared of shagging people we knew in case it got out ( she had sworn John to secrecy, and rewarded him with a blow job). You also can't exacly go up to strangers and say " fancy fucking the wife ". She was also not keen on shopping for strangers on the net. As she put it " If they'd come a long way, I'd feel like I had to fuck them even if I didn't fancy them. It would only be polite". As the weeks went by I began to wonder if I would ever see her with another man again. But the change in her was amazing. She started going out without underware and delighted in flashing at strangers. This would always end with her horny and me shagging her wherever we could.

It went on like this until we went on our holiday to Spain. On the first couple of days we met 2 young men Dave and Chris. They were on a boozy holiday and told Di on their first meeting that they where here looking for fanny and to get hammered. We saw them at the bar ant round the pool most days, and they'd usually had a drink, but were having no luck with the fanny. At the end of the first week they came over talking to us on the beach. Di was sunbathing topless and the boys blatantly looked at her naked tits. After a while they asked if we fancied doing the bars with them that night. Before I had even thought about it Di had agreed. After they left Di told me what a turn on it had been having them watch her rubbing sun tan lotion in to her breasts. "Do you want to fuck them" I asked. She Smiled and blushed slightly and I knew that she did.

She dressed for our night out in a shortish skirt (but no panties) and a low necked top with no bra. I knew that every time she bent over anyone at the rear would see her naked arse and at the front her naked swinging tits. We were both so horny that she was still giving me a blow job when the lads knocked on the door. The Lads were polite enough with me but it was obvious who they wanted to be with and they never missed a chance to guide her on her way with a hand on her arse. I suppose I should have been jealous but I was just excited, seeing her with them.

After a night of them secretly touching her up and never wasting a chance to get her to bend over I knew she would be wet and gagging for a fuck so when they suggested a night cap I talked them in to coming back to our room. As we sat there swigging vodka I thought they were going to chicken out. I think Di did to, because she produced a pack of cards. " What shall we play for" said Chris "Cloths?" Said Dave hopefully "OK" Said Di and honestly you should have seen their faces. It was never going to last long, with how little she had on. Within 5 mins she was naked in front of these two stangers and they couldn't take there eyes off her. I had my camcorder out {I wasn't going to miss this!) "What shall we play for now" said Dave with a knowing grin. "Who ever gets the best hand can feel my tits, but the loser strips" she said. Chris lost and Dave stood behind her groping her tits as she watched Chris get naked. It was so erotic to see her nipples harden under his touch as I watched them through the viewfinder. She called Chris over, dropped to her knees and took his stiff cock in her mouth. As she lovingly sucked his shaft and balls Dave quicky stripped off. He ran his hands all over my wifes body and then lifted her so they could spitroast her. What a sight! Two young men fucking my Di, one in her mouth the other filling her cunt and wasn't she loving it! . After a couple of minutes of this they swopped ends and she took her third cock of the night into her mouth. I think she sensed that Dave was about to come as she gripped his buttocks and swallowed this strangers spunk licking his knob clean as Chris filled her pussy with his load she shivered and jerked as she came and came. As Chris withdrew I got a wonderful close up of his spunk seeping out of her.

The rest of the holiday was just full of sex. we barely left the room and Di seemed to be naked with a cock in her pussy, mouth or hand the whole time. Di said it was the best time she had ever had and I know the lads and I enjoyed it. When we got home Di asked if we could find a swingers club to go to. "there's no way I'm missing out on getting some more of that!