Written by Peter& Mary

2 Sep 2013

Tony helped Peter erect the long windbreak around me. It sort of went across behind my head then curved down my side about halfway. They started the next one with an overlap which ended up curving below my feet. Our little camp was now protected on three sides from the wind. There were lots of clumps of marram grass on the final side.

Peter and Tony went for a quick walk around to make sure all was secure. When they returned Peter was stroking his cock gently, making it grow and thicken. I was sitting up and he just stood in front of my, his cock pointing at my face. I didn't need any encouragement, I just put my lips around it and began to make it nice and hard. He told me that when it was hard I was to sit on it and fuck him. I looked at Tony who was smiling happily and the thought of him watching Peters cock sliding in and out of my cunt made me cum a little, again. I worked quickly on Peter's cock and it was soon ready to fuck.

I told Peter to lie down, I continued to stroke it as he got comfortable, then straddled him, feeding his cock into me as I lowered myself down. Tony moved round behind me so that he had a good view and I slowly started to fuck my man. It was so delicious, hiding behind the screen, on a beach with Tony watching every stroke. Peter was thrusting up as I slid down and that made it even better. Peter passed me a little packet and said that if I made him cum I could fuck Tony afterwards if I liked. It was a packet of condoms! Peter must have seen my frown because he quickly said that I didn't have to, that it was my choice. I told him that I wasn't thinking to fuck or not to fuck? I was asking myself if I wanted a nasty rubber or to feel his spunk pumping into me? Peter said it was my decision. The problem was that I wasn't on the pill. I was still having the occasional period but not regularly and I couldn't quite remember how long since the last.

I kept riding Peter's cock, up and down then forwards and backwards. I think he was enjoying being fucked with an audience was turning him on as much as it turned me on. Soon he was showing signs of reaching his climax and as I had already had half a dozen or so I wanted his spunk inside me. I worked harder, bounced higher and squeezed tighter. I looked around and saw Tony stroking his impressive cock and it was ready to fuck whenever I was then I saw a couple of guys by the clumps of marram grass, they were enjoying watching me fuck my man and they were also stroking their own cocks.

I leaned forward to change the angle of cock in cunt and whispered in Peter's ear 'there are two guys watching and wanking by the grass clumps!' Would you like to fuck them also? Can I? Of course, you want them bareback? I nodded silently and he kissed me and spurted his spunk deep inside. I kept riding and cummin until he told me to stop, get off him and kneel down.

Tony will take you doggy first, he said, while you clean my cock. He slid up until his cock was by my head and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. I opened it and took him deep inside. 'Your turn!' I heard him tell Tony, 'fill her up!' I felt Tony kneel behind me, his cock head rubbed against my cunt lips, he held onto my hips and thrust hard and deep into me. He was longer and fatter than Peter, he was also young enough to be my son! I came immediately and continually, each thrust driving me onto Peter's cock as I sucked it for all I was worth. A cock pounding my pussy and another pounding my mouth, what more could a girl want?

Tony was getting faster and faster! I took my mouth off Peter's cock and told him to make Tony slow down, long slow thrusts so that he lasted longer and I came even more. Tony slowed, a slow out until it was nearly out, then slowly back in until it was nearly all the way in then a sudden thrust as he buried it deep inside again. Each thrust made me jerk and squirt and moan with pleasure. Tony lasted longer but soon he was loosing control again then he would realise and slow. That made it even better and I was getting close to a major orgasm, again.

Peter sensed this and started to encourage Tony to 'shoot his spunk into the slut', fill her cunt with your cum then she can clean your spunk and mine off of your cock while somebody else fucks her hole.

OMG! Three cocks! The very idea pushed me right over the edge. Fortunately Peter's cock reduced the noise levels as I moaned with pleasure and wave after wave of orgasm rolled through my body. Tony shot his load! He pulled me hard back onto his final thrust and held me tight up against his balls as his cock head pulsed with delicious spurts unrestrained spunk deep, deep inside my greedy slut cunt. I collapsed onto Peter's cock, exhausted. Feeling Tony's cock soften slightly and him begin to take it out I shook my head. 'Leave it in as long as possible, please!'

Eventually it had to slip out and I thanked Tony and told him it was fantastic. Peter told me to lie on my back and clean Tony's cock. I needed no second bidding opening wide and licking and sucking him clean. Peter stroked my pussy, slipping two fingers deep inside and scooped out some freshly sown seed. He offered it to me and I licked his fingers. He went back for more and I again licked with relish. Tony joined in and between them I was able to clean my own pussy of most of their seed.

I lay on my back, my head on Tony's lap as I teased and stroked his cock, my legs open and Peter's fingers gently rubbing between the lips of my pussy. I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and looked round. There was an older man standing between my legs, stroking his cock. It wasn't very long but it looked very fat and his fingers could barely get all around it. It also looked very hard.

I didn't wait for Peter's instruction – I bent my legs and opened wide. The man knelt between my legs, picked up my ankles and lifted me up. His cock was waiting at the entrance to my swollen pussy. I reached down, took his cock in both hands and rubbed the head between my pussy lips a few times then held it right outside the entrance, pulling him towards me. He pushed and I opened up like a flower in the sunshine. I had been so thoroughly fucked and was so wet with spunk and my own cum that he slid straight in and I opened easily to accommodate him.

When he was right inside, he stopped to let me get my breath then lifted my ankles higher and spread my legs as wide as he could, then he started to fuck me, slow strokes, always nearly out then slowly back in. He adjusted the angle of his cock inside me by lifting me, lowering me, opening or closing my legs. A master class on how to fuck a greedy woman. I have no idea, even now, how many times I totally orgasmed while he fucked me nor do I have any idea how long he spent sliding in and out before shooting his load deep inside me. It was a good thing Tony and Peter had used their fingers to empty me because that man had very big balls, as I discovered when I tried to get them in my mouth, and he emptied them into my cunt with great long spurts that I swear I could feel bouncing off the walls.

He remained inside me for a long time after emptying his balls into me. With little gentle pushes and teasing withdrawals he kept me bubbling long after he had spent. I felt him slide out and gave a little sigh of sorrow mixed with pleasure and told him I would clean him up. I took a long time over that pleasure as Tony and Peter watched.

There's more if you would like, please let me know

Love, Mary xxx