Written by Norm

8 May 2010

I told you last week about how my girlfriend of four weeks took me to her friends for a party and they turned out to be swingers.

As we sat in the kitchen, drinking and generally recovering, more and more people migrated into the kitchen for refreshment, Hannah got up and sat on my lap to free another chair.

"Argh, that's better." she said as she wiggled her bum on my lap. Her actions got the desired effect and my cock began to stir.

One of the other girls ran into the kitchen stark bollock naked. She was absolutely stunning. "who wants it?" she called out.

"Me, me, me, me, me! screamed Hannah before anyone else had a chance to respond. She skipped over to us and I could see what she was talking about now. Her tits were covered in cum. Hannah lent forward and began licking and sucking her chest until it was clean. "Hmmm." said Hannah as she finally came up for air. She turned her head towards me slightly and half smiled. I could then see she had a mouthful of cum. She turned back to the girl who then moved her head down and started to snog Hannah. She then showed me a mouthful of cum before going back to Hannah to share their spoils.

"Have you met Pam?" Hannah asked me.

Before I could reply Pam said "Not yet, but he will." She reached between Hannah's legs, moved the dressing gown aside and grapped my cock. "And I will get to know him too!" She withdrew her hand and took hold of my wrist. Hannah got up and Pam pulled be to my feet and led me towards the door.

I turned my head towards Hannah with a look of what do I do now. Hannah winked at me and blew me a kiss.

Pam sat me down on the armchair, opened the dressing gown then got down on her knees. She looked up at me with a cheeky grin on her face, opened her mouth and guided my now hard cock into her mouth. She toyed with me for a while, enjoying herself. The pleasure I was experiencing was a by product.

Pam took my cock out of her mouth, adjusted her grip on it and before I knew it had straddled me and impaled herself on it. She gyrated her hips as if trying to get as much of me in her as possible. I moved my arms and went to play with her nipples, but she took hold of my forearms and pushed my arms back, she lent forward and and whispered in my ear "I'm a naughty girl. Spank me!" She released her grasp but before I could do anything I heard a slap, I looked over her shoulder and saw one of the men bring his hand down to here arse again and produce another load slap.

"She loves this." said the bloke. "You'll enjoy it too!"

What the fuck... was the thought going through my mind now. My face must have shown my horror because he said "Don't worry, you'll see what I mean." With that his hand came down again and struck her bum.

He continued to spank her, then all of a sudden, she stopped riding me and began to what I can only describe as shiver. The effect on he was amazing. "That's what I meant!" the bloke said with a huge grin on his face. Pam's shivering subsided and she collasped on me totally devoid of energy. She climbed off of me looking very wobbily and fell on to the sofa opposite.

I hadn't cum but that was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I pulled the dressing gown back over my still stiff cock and surveyed the room. Tina the hostess was bent over the arm of an armchair sucking off her husband who was sitting on the chair, while someone else was behind her fucking her for all for all he was worth.

What to do next. Find out in part three