Written by Spittingsnake

24 Apr 2012

Hello again, thanks for the comments, i want to tell you about the time dor was on her own with alan and steve, i had dor write this down and describe what happened, as i wasnt there, i was in hospital having my knees done. ive tried to put it into order as dor does not use a keyboard.

I went into hospital and we thought that our fun was going to be over for a while, anyway, it was a friday night and dor came to visit, alan knew i was going in and he had said he would come see me, it was nearly end of visiting when alan came in, he joked that i wouldnt be able to have sex for a bit and he would take care of dors needs, i said, if she is ok with it on her own, ok.

She said, thats not fair on me, i said, its ok, but i want to know what happens, the bell went for end of visiting and as dor and alan got up i said to alan, make sure she gets some sleep sometime, we all laughed and they left.

About 11pm my mobile went, and i answered and all i could hear was groaning and moaning, i said hello, but just more noises, then i could here dor say, fuck me you bastards harder, even though i was in pain, my cock twitched, i tried to climb inside the phone to catch every noise, moving it from one ear to the other,then it was yeeesssss harder deeper,fuck me, stretch me, being in the ward i could only listen, then another voice who i later reconised as steves, saying sit on it you cock sucking whore, ride this cck up your arse,then dor said, yessss 2 cocks fucking me, come on spunk me, if the nurse had come to do the medical checks, my blood pressure would have blown the machine, i couldnt get hard because of the medication and i was wishing i was there, the phone was going from ear to ear still trying to listen to everything, the bloke in the next bed said, is it the wife, i cant get a word in either when mine phones me, i just chuckled and tried to listen, i just managed to hear a fuck im cumming when the phone went dead, i looked at the phone and did a last number check but it was caller with held, so i phoned dors, but no answer, my mind was going daft, i had missed out, was she ok, what happens now, i kept trying alans and dors phone for a bit but none answered, i thought they are too busy fucking to answer as i would have been if it was me on the other end.

i didnt sleep much that night,everything i had heard was swimming round my head,if i could have got hard i would have wanked my self stupid, the nurse came round and said are you ok your pulse is a bit high, i said yes,just in pain,

I was watching the door near visiting time, just waiting for dor to come, when she did, we kissed and greeted and she asked how i was, she said, im not telling you about last night because you will get to excited, and anyway others will hear, ( im sure you have all been in a hospital ward, its not the place to have a private chat) i said, whose idea was the phone, i heard quiet a bit of what went off, she said, it was steves, i wanted all the details but she said, you will have to wait, i asked when she was going round to alans again, she said, he was going to meet her tomorrow round at our house, she wispered that she was sore and needed time to heal, lol.

I was in for 5 days. i didnt get to find out much until i came home, i will now type what dor had written about her fucking with alan and steve.

She wrote,, When i left you on friday, alan took me for a drink in town, and we called at the takeaway first to see if steve was working and for some food, he was and we waited in alans car for steve to come back from a delivery. alan saw him and went over and talked to him, alan came back and said that steve would be over asap. we went to alans and it felt weird being alone with another man, knowing that his intentions was to fuck me silly, we had our food and some more drinks and as we sat on the settee he started to kiss me and as i responded he started to strip me, i undid his trousers and he pulled them off and i started to play with his cock over his pants, he was hard and he started to play with my tits and kiss and suck them, i got his cock out and was wanking him, he pulled me onto the floor and shoved his mouth onto my cunt and licked me round my cunt and he pushed his tongue up my bum hole, he put his fingers up my cunt and tried to get his fist in as well, i was soaking and i must have cum about 4 times, i managed to move and get hold of his cock and wanked then sucked him, he pulled me round and pushed me so that i was laid on the cushions of the settee and he moved up and shoved his big cock into my cunt, i lost count of the times i came, then he pulled out and pushed his cock into my arse.he was just getting going when the doorbell went, he pulled out and went to the door, it was steve, he came in as i had just turned to sit on the settee juice all round my cunt and legs, he said he had phoned the takeaway and told them his car had packed in and he was going home, he stripped off and asked where you was, i told him and he said pity, hes going to miss this, he took out his phone and stood it up near the settee and dialed then got on the floor and told me to get on his cock, you heard most of the rest we could hear you ask hello, i sat down on steves thick cock and it was tight going into my arse but as i was so wet it was ok, i laid back on steve and alan laid on top and shoved his cock up my cunt, they both fucked me and steve was calling me all dirty names as he fucked my arse, i was nearly fainting with pleasure as the 2 big cocks fucked me, alan must have knocked the settee because steves phone fell on the floor and it all split open, alan said, paul will be going mad because he cannot hear now.

They fucked me and alan came first, steve pushed me off and moved round and shoved his cock straight up my cunt into alans spunk, he fucked me for a bit longer then he came, alan had moved and put his cock into my mouth and i licked it clean, i was used as their slut, alan then went down and licked all the spunk from my cunt and then kissed me and passed it into my mouth. i was well and trully fucked. my groin ached from having my legs open so much, i said i would have to be getting homeas i had things to do in the morning, i got dressed and alan ran me home.

She says she will write down and tell what happened sunday night when alan and steve came round to our house. bye for now