Written by sharron

5 Sep 2011

We went on for a drink about 7ish one Thursday. Things were going great and once we both have had a drink we both get horny. It got to about 10pm when my bf suggested we go to our favourite swinging club to which I said yes. We got a taxi and when we got to the club we went in got changed into our robes then went and sat down in the main lounge.

It was then my bf that it was the 2nd Thursday of the month which puzzled me, he then explained it meant it was greedy girls night. I then relised there was a lot more guys to girls ratio than usual.

He then took my hand and took me to the main play room. There was about 20guys and only 3 girls. He took my locker key for safe keeping then took off my robe so I was completely naked then he laid down and I got on top of him. It was only a minute or two when he said its greedy girls night so I had to be very greedy to which I said I wanted to be.

He then said out loud that I needed attention and wanted a cock up my bum and my mouth. Since there were a lot more guys than girls they were there straight away.It wasnt long before I had my first orgasm. The guy up my bum wore a condom but I took off the guys condom who I was giving a bj to. It wasnt long before he filled my mouth with lovely cum which I love to swallow.

Then my bf told me to und the room and see how many I could fuck. This turned me on big style. within a couple of hours I lost count of how many men and orgasms I had had. Some of the guys prefer to wear condoms but I dont like them so I told them all it was ok and I prefer bareback. I estimated I had about 20guys as people were always coming in and out of the room. Maybe a dozen of them had cum inside either my pussy, bum or mouth. I was in heaven but I was full, cum was literally running down my legs.

Then my bf told me one of the other girls he had been fucking was also full and I should lick it out of her. To my surprise when I went to her she said a 69 and we ended up licking cum out of each other.

After a while things started to quiten down as it was near to closing time so we decide to go home so it was shower time then home or so I thought but if you want to know what happened later then let me know