Written by Wycombe9

15 Dec 2009

so..I'd been meeting 1 on 1 for a while and had been fortunate enough to have a couple of 3 somes etc...back in the days when yahoo clubs ruled it was easy to chat but hard to meet genuine people.

Then I get a message from someone on one of the groups...he was taking his girlfriend out that night for an outdoor gangbang...he was looking for 5 or 6 blokes to fuck her in some woods near Esher and was I interested.

Of course I was and said so..but was very suspicious...to arrange such a thing so quickly, outdoors etc etc etc....anyway he gave me the details and time...and so later that night off I went.

There I was in a country secluded car park..dark..the only car there....thinking..your a muppet....then another car pulled in and parked closer to the entrance..then another showed up and parked away from us both..and another and so on until there were 6 cars parked up...but none of them flasing their internal lights like the guy had said they would.

A few more minutes passed when a car drove past us all and parked up at the furthest part of the car park...then the interior lights flashed...Cautiously I got out and realised that the other cars had all done the same...there were now 6 guys approaching the new car which had now switched on the interior light

There we were all standing around the car..looking at a woman in black and red lingerie...feet on the dash rubbing her smooth pussy..looking at us all looking at her....cocks were out in seconds being rubbed.

In no time she'd wound down the windows near here and was stroking one guy's cock through it as we all looked on...after a few minutes he couldn't hold back and spurted cum all over her top....her boyfriend then said she was getting out.

There she was pirched on the front of the car minutes later...a hard cock deep inside her pussy fucking her as she stroked and sucked two other cocks from either side...one of them being mine.....as the bloke fucking her exploded and loaned loudly I finally circumed and spurted my load over her face and tits....

I then stood back and watched the remaining guy's either fuck her or be wanked off over her...

she was covered by the time we'd all spurted...thanked us all and then they were gone..not more than that spoken.