Written by Miss x

9 Feb 2011

i was with a lesbian friend but myself i'm bi-sexual, and we were getting it on in her car, we were playing with each other and kissing, and i noticed a couple was watching us and they started getting it on, on the bonnet of the car i was being licked out and couldn't help but watch what the couple was up to it was really turning me on.i could hear them moaning and that turned me on even more. i licked my friend out and was playing with her. i was to turned on to stay with her so i said i wanna go and and find somebody to get it on with so she said yes ok. i left the car and went to the couple who were on the bonnet and the bloke said do you wanna join in i said yes. i started kissing her while he was fucking her, he was fingering me while we were kissing, he pulled out of her and slipped into me,she started playing with my breasts, he then came out off me and went back in the other woman,just before he was about to cum he pulled out of her and came on both our faces she licked it off mine and her face.