Written by Susie x

23 Mar 2010

I have been seeing my master for nearlly 2 years now and he has just begun to let me sleep over, I was so excited to be allowed but as I was led to his room I noticed a single bed opposite his kingsize bed and was told this is where i would sleep, unless otherwise instructed. At 8 o'clock masters friends would be coming, I was to address them as sir and do as i was told as master would be watching. I was told to go to bed which i did snuggling into the little single bed wearing a white silkly nighty small white panties and stockings that had been laid out for me.

I heard voices and pretended to be asleep. Master came and said wakeup but stay still, watch and learn!

then I saw master with a women and his 3 friends come into the room. All sat on the bed and master began to lick the women, i had never seen her before and was so jealous! the others just watched. I didn't understand, I was getting quite excited watching as i slipped my hand into my panties,all the men were devouring this womens body i was so envious! I cant recall what I said bt it made master angry and he shouted to one of his friends to shut the slut up! I was nervous as he approached he must have been late 50's and i'm just 19, he moved his bath robe and pushed hs cock into my mouth, it was so big but god i was hungry i sucked on it good and hard, he came quickly, withdrew and said lie back down and shut up!I lay there watching longing it to be me that was getting all the attension. Then master came over to me, with the guy who I had just sucked, he said i was a good little slut and would get rewarded, bt is cum was reserved for the lady and (the slut) would be filled with the oher guys spunk. He continued then with his lady while telling the others to use me which they throughlly did. I was fucked by all and had spunk dripping from my ass, pussy and mouth. I was exhausted but master made me do something he has never done before, after he had finished with his lady i was instructed to clean her pussy, It was the first time i had licked pussy, but i enjoyed it so much knowing i was getting my masters cum. I followed masters instructions flicking my tongue, softly licking and probing my tongue into her, until she was clean. Then we both showered and i delicately washed her. I was sent to bed then and master sent her home. I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard master come back. Stay asleep was all he said, and then he gave me the best fucking i had ever had, eyes closed and lying still as he fucked me hard and fastill he came deep in me.