Written by Geronimo

15 Nov 2016

When my wife, who was twenty one at the time, got divorced from her first husband she went on holiday with one of her female friends to a caravan park in Scarborough. During the fortnight they were there, they got talking to two local lads who they met in the club and got pretty friendly with. As the drink flowed on their last night the talk turned to sexual fantasies and my wife said she would like to try a threesome. At the end of the night the lads were invited back to the caravan for a farewell drink, which ended up with my wife in the bedroom with one of the young chaps. Before too long she was stripped naked and being fucked missionary style when the door suddenly opened and his friend walked in saying that his girl had passed out with the drink. As he walked up to my wife he said to her I'm going to make your fantasy come true and pulled his erect penis from his pants and shoved it into her mouth. My wife told me she had never, or ever since, been so turned on with two men fucking her at the same time. When his friend thrust his cock in my wife's mouth the guy inside her began fucking her harder and rougher, which added to her sexual excitement, his friend was shouting at him not to come inside her which he duly obliged with and shot his cum all over her stomach and body when he came. The other fellow immediately withdrew from her mouth and thrust himself deep into her soaking wet pussy and gave her one of the sorest but most fulfilling fucks she's ever had. Within a couple of minutes he started to cum, but he had no intention of pulling out and shot his full load deep inside her, as he withdrew his friend, who was already hard again, went back in for a second go, talking dirty to her as he thrust really deep inside, how her friend slept through it all she'll never know. After he'd came inside her my wife went to the toilet and on her return all three got into bed for another session and fucked all through the night until dawn, when my wife decided to get up before her friend wakened.

My wife has admitted to me that it is the most fulfilling and dirtiest sex she's ever had and when we are away from home we sometimes act out that night, we have never brought another person into the scenario with us but who knows that might change in the future, if my wife ever decides to try it again .