Written by Luckyman

23 Mar 2011

We are both in our late 40s and although I have had a few sexual encounters my wife has not and has only ever had my 9 inch cock inside her. We have fantasised about her getting fucked by someone else and she orgasms really easy when I am licking her clit and telling her that I wish it was someone else doing it.

One day last week we went to one of the hand car washes locally. The men there were all Eastern european; 4 white men and one black guy, the youngest guy must have been about 19 and the oldest about 40. I asked for the normal wash and the insides of the door seals to be done. My wife was wearing a short skirt, a black thong and a buttoned blouse. The men started to wash the car when I said to her how about opening your legs a little to give them a view. I knew she was getting horny so her legs opened slightly; giving them all a good view. I told her when they opened the doors to clean the insides I wanted her to open her legs a bit more; her nipples were rock hard so I knew I may get to seemy fantasy come true.

One of the older men opened her door and commenced to clean the sides, she opened her legs and smiled at him. He smiled back and asked us if we would like the full internal clean and if so to park over at the side. My wife nodded and I drove over to the side where they continued with the inside cleaning. The same man brushed his hand against my wifes calf and stroked her leg allowing his hand to climb to her thigh. She moaned lightly; at the same time another man opened the back door behind her and put his hands over her shoulders and placed them inside her blouse and played with her nipples. The man inthe front eased the seat back and reclined it using the controls at the side of her seat. She was now nearly horizontal and the front man moved his hand up to her thong, moved it to one side and played with her clit; she was absolutely soaking wet and he removed the thong. The rear man had now opened up her blouse completely and was playing with her nipples. A third man entered the back of the car from the other side and commenced to playwith her tits too. The other guy in the back stood up and undid his trousers showing a good 8 inch cock and put it towards her mouth, she opened her lips and sucked the huge red knob before taking the full length inside her mouth. She now had 3 men working her body, 1 licking her clit, 1 sucking her nipples and 1 inside her mouth. Her body started to rock and she came with a huge cry, the man still devouring her fanny. the man in her mouth grunted and came inside her, pulled out and was replaced by the other man next to her with a similar size cock. The man in the front had his cock out and climbed on top her, sliding into her already soaking cunt. She was in ecstacy and came a few more times when his 9 inches started to pump in and out of her before both of them emptied their loads inside her. The black guy and the youngest guy then wanted some action and asked if we wanted to go inside to carry on. We certainly wanted to and the details will follow in the next story.