Written by KT

20 Jan 2012

Katie had now been fucked by 3 black guys, I asked her more about her first evening with the 3 guys and why she had agreed with John to the gangbang, her answer was that after having a two, John had talked her into the gangbang convincing her that she would enjoy it and it would be a real turn on.

On that first evening where John, steve and Chris had fucked her, she then went out with me and stayed the night, as I was playing football the following morning I dropped her off at home, after katie's parents had gone out for lunch she had a knock on the door, katie told me she spend the next couple of hours being fucked by john, steve and Chris, in every position possible, when they had all cum in her twice, she still asked Steve who has the biggest cock of the 3 to fuck her again.

For the next 2 weeks John continued to fuck katie most mornings and evening, all the time telling Katie she needed more black cock, and she could easily manage 10 guys, Katie told me she said a gangbang with the 3 of them was enough and this was a one and only time, but it did'nt take long until she agreed to visit Bristol with John and if she felt in the mood she would let both Steve and Chris fuck her again.

This was the first time Katie had gone with John to his flat in Bristol for the weekend, she told me that on the Friday evening on arrive, john soon had her in bed and it wasnt long before Chris arrive and had taken over from John, that evening they went out together and Katie was introduced to james who was johns younger brother he was slightly younger than Katie at 19 he was with his friend Kyle again a black guy of Jame's age,

after far to much drink in Katie's case they were back at johns appartment, katie cannot recall all the details but within minutes she was stripped off and showing her naked white body to the young boys, next thing she was giving both boys a blow job alternating between the 2 of them, with John and Chris watching the show, i asked her if the boys were well endowed like John, she replied slightly smaller both being about 7" but with a good girth, she told me as she started to sober up slightly she was bent over a sofa with one in her mouth and the other fucking her like there was no tomorrow, as Kyle emptied his load in her he was replaced by the second boy who shot his load in her after only a few strokes, when she went to cleaned up the boys left and Katie spend the rest of the night being fucked by John and Chris.

when she awoke the following morning Chris had left, Katie had a shower and just before lunch Steve call at the appartment, he asked John if he would mind, to a a shake of his head Steve then led Katie into the bedroom, and for over an Hour he reamed his 9" black cock into her accomodating white body.

On the Saturday evening after a meal and not quite as many drinks, they ended up at a bar, where she was offcourse the centre of attention, all 5 black guys who had now fucked Katie were paying her all the attension she could desire, another black guy one of Johns friend called Rick had joined the party, he had a few dancers with katie feeling her tits and arse, as he was full aware the other 5 guys had already had her. Later they headed back to John's appartment, were Katie said she was passed around between the 6 guys.

Luckilly sunday is not a day of rest in Bristol and up until her and John's departure back north, Katie continued to be a little white fuck doll for 6 black men.

On the drive home John told Katie she had done great, but on her next visit to Bristol she will have to make her target of 10 black cocks.