Written by Dude

28 Aug 2013

This tale is of events which happened a long time ago in the mid to late 1980's and involved my English ex-girlfriend Nicky and two friends. Both of which were British Asian and of Pakistani decent. Nicky a little unusually had always had a thing for Asian men, having let a couple touch and finger her when young, but had never done anything more than that.

Raj and Steve (my two friends) both played football at the local club that I had joined around that time. Steve was the star striker and a very outgoing sort of guy that most liked immediately. Raj was much quieter and more sensible, but not as good at football and not always selected to play in the football team.

It was after one game mid-season when Raj had not been playing that I was chatting to him in the bar and asked if it was worth him keep coming to the matches each week. I was a little taken back when he explained that he was having problems at home and was unhappy with his partner and only came to the football as it kept him busy one night a week for training and took up most of his Saturday travelling to and from the games.

His wife at the time visited her mother and father on Sunday's and with him being busy until quite late at the football most Saturday's, they managed in this way to avoid each other at weekends. He said it was the best solution for them at the time and he wasn't actually that bothered about playing in the football team, as he enjoyed the company and distraction from his current circumstances at home.

As the conversation progressed he mentioned it was very uncomfortable at home, with money and family problems, plus the break-down of their relationship. He also mentioned he had not slept with his wife for over a year! They were apparently living together, but leading seperate lives, in different parts of the family home. I asked if he was still faithful to her and he confirmed he was, but was now missing sex desperately and did not know what to do about it. It was hard to know what to say as he was genuinely sad.

Anyway, my girlfriend Nicky, slim, sexy, with a curvy ass and nice tits with big nipples, regularly came to meet up with me after the football when we went for drinks with the opposition, or a curry after the match with our own team-mates. She loved being around the team and they enjoyed her outgoing personality and love of life. She made friends very easily and I was always happy when she arrived after matches as she brightened any room.

On this occasion she came over to me with a wave and a smile, gave me a lingering kiss and sat down in the middle of me and Raj. We got some drinks and began making chit-chat, as others from the team started to join us and make a bigger group at our table. We must have been sat like this for well over an hour before people started to drift and we began discussing what we should do and where we should go.

By this time Steve had also joined up with us from the bar area and as other players were going there seperate ways, the four of us discussed whether we should get a take out and go back to our house, or go into town for food. I already knew that Raj was not really in the mood for socialising in groups in busy places, so suggested that some food back at our house would be better for me as I was tired after football.

Despite being laughingly called a spoil sport by Nicky, we all agreed on this plan and left the sports bar. The two lads went to get the food and Nicky and I made our way home. On the way I chatted to Nicky about Raj and the problems he was having at home and was pleased when she said we would have a laugh at our house and get him to relax. When I mentioned he had not had sex for a year she went very quiet and I thought I saw a glint in her eye, but could not be sure. I wondered what she was thinking, knowing her favourite fantasy was to be used and a little abused by two Asian guys at the same time. After changing with Raj in the dressing rooms and showering together many times after matches I knew he was was very well endowed and me and the other lads always used to take the mickey and have a laugh with him about his monster cock. In the back of my mind I wondered if she would see it later.

She was as good as her word in helping us all relax and was in very bright spirits all evening. On arriving home she had changed from her jeans into shorts and a fitted top and was drinking steadily as the food was eaten and we watched some television. I could tell she was getting tipsy as she laughed and fooled around and a few times I saw both the lads looking at her ass and her legs in the tight shorts. I started to wonder if anything would happen as Nicky was a total slut with me, always wet and ready who loved everything sexual and literally could not get enough.

As my plans started to form I asked the lads if they wanted to watch something else on television and Steve jokingly asked if we had any porn. Nicky immediately said we had loads and asked him what he liked. True to nature without flinching, he said he liked interracial sex watching white girls being fucked by Asian or Black men with big dicks. I looked at Nicky as he said this and the room went quiet, but she just smiled and went to get the DVD's from the drawer producing a couple from which they could choose.

Steve immediately settled on a group sex production showing two white girls being used by a group of older Asian men at a supposed house party. The video was graphic, the guys all sported massive cocks and the girls noisily took it willingly in every hole. As the movie played, Nicky again went very quiet and started to fidget on the seat next to me trying to get comfortable. I could tell she was very aroused. The lads also were quiet enjoying the show and from their movements and the bulges in their pants I could tell they also were getting excited as well.

Breaking the spell I asked if anyone needed a re-fill and went into the kitchen. Nicky came to help me and standing behind her at the drinks cupboard I asked if she was enjoying herself. She turned to me slowly and kissed me passionately whilst I felt her ass and spread her cheeks. She moaned quietly but hungrily and I reached her pussy through her thong and roughly rubbed her mound. Her kiss deepened and when we seperated her face and neck were flushed.

I told her she looked like she wanted fucking and she just smiled and said it sounded really nice. I asked her if she wanted fucking hard and she just replied yes please. I asked if she wanted a lot of cum inside her and to suck a lot of cock and her legs weakened slightly as she lent against me saying yes. I whispered to remind her that Raj had not had sex for over one year and that he had a massive cock if she wanted it inside her. She just hung onto me tighter and without saying anything I knew what she hoped would happen. I told her to go upstairs and come down dressed in clothes she wanted to be fucked in. She looked at me and asked if I was sure, to which I told her to hurry up before I changed my mind.

As she went upstairs I told the lads we needed to change the DVD and to expect a nice suprise when she returned downstairs. I chose a DP video, MMF with one white girl and two black studs showing. Watching DP got Nicky so horny and excited as she had never done it before and it was on her wish list. Steve asked me about the suprise and I just said it was for Raj more than him which added to the suspense and made Raj look at me curiously.

Suddenly Nicky shouted and asked me to meet her at the bottom of the stairs. When I saw her I must admit even I was immediately turned on and aroused. White thong, lacy white bra, white stocking and supenders and freshly applied make-up. She asked if I liked what she was wearing and was it suitable. I pulled her to me and again rubbed her pussy feeling how soft and wet it already felt. She moaned passionately as I touched her and told her she looked amazing. She asked me to turn the lights off in the living room so on entering with her I did this immediately, with the only light emanating from the porn on the television.

I knew from experience Nicky liked being told what to do with an element of roughness thrown in. I stopped her movement in the centre of the room watching the faces of Raj and Steve as I did so. Raj looked shocked and a little unsure of himself but Steve looked confidently at Nicky with lust and anticipation. Turning Nicky round so all was on view I asked the lads if they liked what they saw. Both of them said yes immediately and Steve rose to come and stand beside us both holding Nicky from behind as he reached for her tits. I just looked at Raj and said 'shy'? and he smiled at me and also stood up. He also came to join us in the middle of the room.

I whispered to Nicky to kneel down on the floor and rather roughly applied pressure to her shoulders to force her down. She willingly succumbed and lowered herself to the floor. Steve followed her movements and moved in behind her. Raj was still stood up so I told him to do what comes naturally and to give her what she wanted, as I went to sit down to watch. He was still a little unsure but by now Steve had Nicky's tits out and was roughing up her nipples with one hand and had reached for her pussy with the other and it was obvious where all was heading and that there was no going back. Raj slowly looked at me for final reassurance and reached for his flies as I nodded approval.

Nicky's eyes were closed and I told her to open them as Raj released his rock hard cock from his trousers. It must have been 9 inches long and very thick and it sprang to attention in front of her as Raj played gently with her hair and Steve rolled her nipples. Nicky gasped slightly at the size of him and then smiled at me. I smiled back as she reached for his big brown dick and started gently tugging on his foreskin with her hand. She adjusted her height slightly licked the end of his cock and then took his head into her mouth as he groaned and grabbed the back of her head. I smiled and wondered how long he would last as I knew she would be flicking her tongue over his cock and teasing him as she lowered her head up and down. He started to rythmically fuck her face which she loves and started to buiild up his tempo.

Meanwhile Steve had pulled Nicky's thing to one side and was slowly starting to finger her outer lips and slide up and down her slit. She moaned over the big dick in her mouth and I knew she was already close to cumming. She increased her pace slowly sucking Raj's cock, but I could see she could not concentrate as Steve inserted first one finger then another went into her sopping pussy. A low moan came from Raj and I gazed at his face and saw he was starting to sweat a little and had a look of heavy concentration. Nicky increased her pace forcing her head deeper on to him and with an animal groan he told her he was cumming and not to stop. She quickened her pace further and held him as deep as she could as he let out a loud groan and said he was cumming into her mouth.

I knew from experience she would try and swallow every drop and keep milking him, but the size of his orgasm and the amount of cum meant that was always going to be impossible and it quickly started escaping from her lips and dribbling down her chin and neck. She gagged on his dick and took the head to her lips and I watched in amazement as he just kept cumming and cumming, spraying it all over her mouth, face and hair. Raj's orgasm had the desired effect on Steve and he roughly opened her legs wider, pulled out his rather average sized cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. I looked at her covered in Raj's cum and told him to fuck her hard and to cum deep inside her. He forced himself up in her in one movement as she gasped and started bucking into her pussy with hard, fast, deep strokes. Nicky was loving it, telling him to fuck her harder and panting and moaning as he did so.

Having Steve's cock up her pussy was making her so wet and horny and Raj was still stood in front of her with his now softening cock. She gently put it back in her mouth and started kissing and licking all his cum off him as her head boiunced around from the force of Steve's thrusts. I was suprised when Raj immediately started to harden in her mouth and his cock began to grow again, but knowing how he had been going without sex for ages maybe I should not have been.

Steve told the room he was close to cumming and knowing how Nicky liked her pussy filliong I told him not to stop whatever he did. He increased his pace and began to come inside her, falling onto her back in exhaustion as he came.

Raj was now rock hard again, literally five minutes after coming and I asked if he now wanted Nicky's pussy. All his earlier inhibitions had left him and he just looked knowingly at me. Steve moved off her and Raj lifted her and moved her over the arm of the settee, pulling her ass open to reveal her private areas. He pushed his dick towards her ass, then her pussy and asked her if she wanted his cock inside her. A low groan escaped her lips and she said yes please. Without warning he placed his dick at her sloppy entrance and them rammed it up her in one movement tellkinhg her she was his to enjoy and calling her his little white bitch whilst he did so.

She cried out in pain or enjoyment I could not be sure, as he impaled her on his cock and started slowly moving it in and out. His movement increased and I could tell she was loving his size as I am also quite big and she was making very similar noises to when I fucked her. Increasing his pace as her moans got louder, he held her hips and started pulling her into him very roughly. He then gave her the best fuck of her life, hammering his dick hard into her pussy from behind whilst she was stretched uncomfortably over the arm of the settee calling her his dirty little slut and brown cock whore as he fucker her.

He placed one then two fingers in her ass as he pounded into her and she was loving every minute of it, shouting that he fuck her harder and meeting his thrusts with her own in enjoyment. His fingers and hard fucking set her off and she started making those little mewing noises that I recognised when she was close to cumming. His pounding continued and then she gasped to us all she was cumming for him. He increased pace even further and thrust himself in and out of her as deep as possible, his balls slapping against her ass as she came noisily and heavily on his cock. He kept fucking her hard though her orgasm, making it last and contiune, whilst keeping her on the edge and then told her he was going to fill her pussy deep with his cum. His balls tightened and he shot his load all the way up her tight little pussy, pulling her hair and head back as he did so for extra depth. He moaned loudly as he came and then went still as he slowed, whilst remaining deep inside her.

I moved behind her for a better view as he pulled his length out of her. With a slight pop[ping sound his cock escaped with a large oozing blob of cum folliwng it onto the floor. I kept watching as her pussy contracted and more semen was released. It looked like he had cum just as much that time as before and her pussy looked very red, sore and swollen.

I wss all for the night continuing, but Nicky was showing signs of being shattered and the worse for drink and said she was tired out. She actually asked permission off the lads to go to bed and they told her that ws fine. They gave her a quick peck on the cheek and told her she was amazing. She went upstairs to shower and sleep and when the lads had gone about an hour later I found her sleeping contently with her hair all over the place.

I was never able to repeat this event, much as I had enjoyed it. Nicky was a total slut and could not help herself. She left me two months later for a guy down south and I never saw her again. She couldn't take my memories with her however and I had many a smile remembering that night with the lads after the football matches