Written by somebody

29 May 2010

we,are a middle aged couple ,married[a long time ]both in good shape never swung before, jane 36c and v nice boobs,34hips with great legs and a v pert bottom and a pussy as sweet as honey,me 42 chest 34 waist,average looking and always up for fun ,been together 30yrs but still have great sex together and still fancy eachother all the time ,

we visit a hotel in ibiza once a year to use the spa ,enjoye the beaches and let our hair down a little, we have never done swinging before as a couple , i have met a couple off this [with janes permission]site and loved it, jane is fully aware of this and my exploits realy do get her going ,i have encouraged her to try a little swinging in the hope she gets the to like the extra fun it can bring ,then we can have a lot more fun meeting other couples,we have talked about another guy or couple joining us and this is a big turn on for both of us

anyway without being too long winded i'd like to tell you what happened on our last visit to ibiza for a pampering session ,

we checked in as usaul about midday went up to our room and got changed for the spa ,there were only 2 couples in the spa and 1 guy in the spa tub ,we always have a good swim first then we got into the spa tub with the guy [tony]who started to chat straight away , v friendly and a cheeky way about him,we only had a half hour in there and headed for the beach,,a lovely sunny day with a few nudes around to observe,we were there only 10 mins or so when tony walked past and said hello again ,mind if i join you , we did'nt ,we chatted some more and all had a swim together ,

he was there on a golf week with some friends ,only he did'nt play golf, after a couple of hours sunbathing we decided to go back ,have another spa and sauna and freshen up for dinner

back at the spa jane sat on the highest part of the tub and i noticed tony looking at he tits bubbling around -they did look good-then we got out jane first then me , i watched his eyes ogling all over her bottom and legs as we headed for the steam room,5seconds later tony joined us in there , again very chatty but no sexual inuendo ,which we both appreciated, but again he could;nt take his eyes off her , i dont think she even noticed but i sure did,after 15 mins we got up and went to the sauna,jane always takes her top off and i go nude in the suana as indeed you should ,again a few seconds later he followed us in ,jane was lying down on he back on the bottom seat and he sat at her feet end looking up her legs to the pussy mound in her costume and stared longingly at her boobs as if i was;nt there to notice,i pretended not to notice but was getting a bit of a twitch on in my shorts,after 20 mins or so jane said are you ready for a coffee in the bar ,i said ,you carry on ,i;l be up in about 15mins ,on that she said goodbye to tony and went,i went back to the spabath and tony joined me ,he commented on janes figure and asked our age , i said we went there a every year afor a break and a good sexy week in the sun ,he asked if we had ever swung ,i said no but had chatted about iton a few occasions !inevitably- he said -well if you need any help i would jump at the chance-your mrs is lovely!laughing ! well i said funny you should ask but thats been a fantasy of janes and mine ,but only when on holiday ---must be the sun but i dont think we will ever try it out for real ,have my room number just in case you both get the urge he said and if shes up for it i;l give me a bell,i will but not promising anything

we had our coffee ,went out for dinner and got back about 8pm with a bottle of bubbly as usual,jane had a shower and put a new set of white undies on for my pleasure , all the trimmings ,stockings garter sussies etc and a white blindfold , we use this on occasion when thinking of a third guy joining us[a little fettish of ours]

we started to play and got out her favouite dildo ,made of glass , she said we should of got the conversation with tony earlier onto sex he may have been interested in joining us---jokingly ,i said do you mean that -well we're always talking about it and he seemed a nice guy did,nt he- i agreed !

on that i picked the phone up and rang room ---tony answered i just said we'r in room ---and hung up , she said whats going on , i said put on the blindfold and dont take it off ,i opened the door and got back on the bed and put a condom on the side table

i positioned myself on the top of the bed and jane went doggy style as we had many times before , she sucking my cock and me using the dildo on her loveley pussy as though she was being spitroasted -

the door tapped twice , jane stopped for a second and then it opened , to my heartstoping amazement there was dave with his TWO golfing buddies,they could not believe what they were seeing in front of them ,i think they thought they would be just joining us for a drink!!,i pointed at the condom on the side table but thought what now only one condom ,i carried on frigging her and signalled them to join in, as they got undressed and within seconds they all had stonking big hardons,wanking gently

now just think at this time jane thinks its tony only at best --not his buddies

,by now my own cock had grown to an alltime lengh , and i thought- welltoo late now ,shes up for it and horny as hell -what the hell lets give her a night to remember and on that i nodded to tony

to take her pussy from behind with his v hard 7 inches -and he did ,straight in all the way ,bollock deep , my mrs gasped and gagged and came right there and then , i peeked under her blindfold and could see she was loving it , dave fucked her good for about 20 mins pulling in and out and tasting her juces on his tong,he then pulled out and shot cum all over her ,me and the bed, on that jane gestured for me to enter her and cum , but another big hard cock entered her instead ,she stopped again pausing for a second not knowing now who was in her ,then carried on enjoying the fucking she was getting , he lasted about 15 mins and exploded all over her pussy and the bed ,again she tried to turn over for me to enter her but i just opened her ass cheeks as wide as possible cus the next guy was built like a bull ,huge thights and a huge cock and v thick ,he put it on the end of her pussy and just shoved it ni slowly it stretched her to capacity , i felt her body shudder and new she was loving it , he fucked her for what seemed an age , i turned around on my back underneath her and licked her pussy while he shoved that huge cock back and forth and she carried on sucking mine,tony went up front and put his now erect cok again back in janes mouthand she swopped his and my cock repeatedly , the room just smelt of sex and spunk and jane was in heaven ,so was i tasting her pussy juice dripping wile that huge cock pounded her pussy,the guy finally started to cum ,what seemed a shed load and filled her soaking pussy to the brim ,dave shot another burst into her mouth and i carried on licking her sopping pussy ,

i realy do love seeing her in ecstacy and she sure was ,when the guys finished i gestured the guys to leave and they all thanked us , after they had gone i turned her over ,took the blindfold of and fucked her myself ,filling her a second time ,i have to say it was complete sexual heaven and the biggest surprise ,her pussy was bulging and running with cum her face was red and covered in cum ,flustered and completely satisfied , we sat back and toasted our first swing session together ,

next morn at breakfast i saw the two guys but not tony , they had big smiles , and jane never even noticed them ,well she never did see them , after breaky we headed straight to the beach we saw tony fetching a paper as we drove to es cavalets beach it must have been there last day there as we never saw them again , ,but on entering our room there was a note under the door saying thks and we had given them the best holiday to remember ever and his mail addy ,so watch this space! for 2 days she could hardly sit down which i thought was funny and i took the pee a fair bit on the evening over dinner jane said she loved every bit of it but more so she loved me for letting her enjoy the experience ,,i hope you have enjoyed our story !!