Written by paul40

28 Dec 2012

We had spoken for some time about turning our fantasy into reality. I knew Deb had always fancied feeling two cocks inside her pussy, and if I’m honest, I also really fancied the idea too, but how the hell was I going to be able to turn it into reality.

Well on a d***ken night out with an old friend of mine, all the fantasy was about to become real.

I mentioned Deb’s fantasy and he said he would be only too happy to help in my quest. I also should mention that I have a curious bi side, only oral.

I told Deb to be wearing her lovely crimson basque and stockings etc and also to be wearing a blindfold, I told her I would be along at 8.00 o’clock and she was to be kneeling on the floor awaiting my arrival, at this time she knew nothing of my friend coming along. She was also to remain silent.

Phil and I entered the front room in absolute silence, not a word was spoken, but you could feel the sexual tension in the room. I don’t think Deb was aware of a third party at this point. I stripped down my jeans and boxers, and walked over to where she was kneeling, I ordered her to open her mouth and take my cock in there, she loves to suck cock, and is fantastic at giving oral, I looked over at Phil and beckoned him to undress, quietly so as Deb would be still unaware of his presence.

He silently stripped and was sporting a lovely erection, I waved him over to join me, I slipped from Debs mouth and immediately was replaced by Phil, what a horny site, watching the woman you love sucking on another cock.

She was a little shocked at first, but she always knew this was how I wanted our fantasy to work out.

I then told her to attempt to take both our cocks in her mouth, which she just about managed, fuck this felt good, I then removed her blindfold, so she could see my mate Phil, after a quick hello and a little giggling I suggested we move to the comfort of the bedroom.

I told Phil to lay on the bed, with Deb on top of him in a 69, wow, what a fucking horny site that was to behold, I positioned myself behind Deb and penetrated her from behind, she was so wet from the tonguing she had been getting from Phil, I then felt Phil licking on my balls as I was fucking the sense out of Deb, Fuck I knew I couldn’t last long with this erotic feeling, so I withdrew from her moist slit and told her to lay on top of Phil but facing up at me, I then watched as Phil entered Debs pussy, she was fucking loving this attention, I then lay on Deb in the missionary position and attempted to enter her pussy with my mate already inside her. It was a little tight for her initially, but she soon stretched enough to accommodate us both quite comfortably. The feeling for all 3 of us was sooooo fucking good, it wasn’t long before we were both cumming deep inside her cunt.

After we had cum and it started to dribble from Debs Pussy I could not believe what I saw next, Phil dived down between her thighs and started to lap the cum from her pussy, he told me loved the taste of spunk, yet another very erotic sight to behold.

We spent the next 3 hours fucking and sucking in all different positions, we both shared Phil’s cock then Deb and Phil shared mine, we also took turns licking Deb and playing with her tits, she loves her nipples being played with.

I then had her on all fours between my legs, sucking me as Phil took her from behind, She was behaving like a complete whore, which just made it even hornier for me, I told her I was about to cum, and so was Phil, she just kept sucking and swallowed my load of cum as Phil was coming inside her pussy.

Sadly Phil had to get back home, but after he left we both just cuddled up tightly and fell asl**p, this happened only last week, but we are planning a repeat performance very soon.