Written by Marcia

5 Jul 2011

My husband likes to have me fucked by other men. I am Marcia I am 40 5'4" with a 38H bust 28 waist 36 hips with long dark hair.

Last week he told me to put on sheer stockings a black suspender belt high heels and make up.I dressed as he said and he held a coat for me to put on. I am taking you to a friend house where you are the entertainment. We got in the car and he drove me to a house accross town. We pulled up and parked the car and walked up to a house door and rang the bell. The door was opened by a man aged about 70.

He she is said my husband to the man enjoy her and he turned and walked away.

" Come in said the man I went in and the old man opened my coat.

" Very nice " he said he led me into the lounge where I saw 6 other elderly men sitting there. They were clearly pleased to see me dressed as I was almost naked One said " how long do we have her for" the first old man said " untill we tire of her You woman go and make a tray of tea " I went in the kitchen and made the tea and carried it in to them. As I passed it round I felt a hand moving up my leg towards my pussy. He reched his goal and slid two fingers inside me and massaged my clit.

After a couple of minutes my juices started to flow and I rubbed against his hand another got up and walked behind me and cupped my tits in his hands and rubbed my nipples, this really got me going I was panting and gasping as they laid me on the floor. I parted my legs and the first old man stripped off I saw that his cock was about 8" long and thick he lay on top of me and entered me with one thrust. His cock slid in and he commenced fucking me

Another cock was pointed at my mouth I opened my lips and sucked it in

This man then commenced to fuck my mouth

A couple of minutes later I felt myself cumming as I did the old man fucking me shot his cum into me. This caused the cock in my mouth to shoot its load I tasted his cum and swallowed it down. The other old me had stripped and were standing there with hard cocks at the ready.