Written by TelfordGuy1983

24 Mar 2013

For just over the last 6 months i've been on a regular basis meeting up with a sexy married woman and having sex with.

She's a stunning 26 year old 5'3 short blonde hair, Sexy come to bed blue eyes, And very curvy made to fuck body, Amazing big round ass, with small petite boobs.

Well as you can imagine the sex became very experimental, To the point i'd asked her what her fantasies were and that we should create a sex list and work through it.

Obviously she was very eager for this to happen mostly due to the boring marriage she found herself in, Fortunately I was more than filling her sexual appetite.

One thing on her list was for her to have a threesome with 2 guys and for us to do exactly what we wanted to with her. As long as we used her hard and rough and for both of us to cum on her face she really didn't care.

Now i told her a little white lie that i had the perfect friend who would be more than up for this, The truth was i didn't but from past experiences of MMF threesomes i knew i wanted this to happen.

So i took to the site in search of the perfect guy and found him.

We created a story that we knew would work, That we knew each other from a 1st aid course we took together. He's a good looking guy, Medium build, by my god was his dick huge at least 9inches and very thick… To the point when i showed her pictures she was a little worried about taking him.

So a few messages were exchanged and we started to plan a meet, We were planning on booking into a hotel at the end of March. But thought it would settle her if we met up one night for a quick meet and chat.

We arranged a meet for when she was finishing work on Thursday evening at 11pm we met at a quiet car park so we could all have a quick chat in the car.

Myself and the other guy were there first as she was running late from work.

The other guy decided to sit in the back seat giving her the front seat, So we were there chatting at the time she pulled up along side me switched off her car and came into my car.

Now to my surprise she didn't get into the front with me but sat in the back, She exchanged a polite kiss and hello to him, Then leaned and did the same to me.

We had a brief conversation about work then we got to the planning a date for our threesome and location, All of a sudden out of no where she asked is it as big as she seen on the pictures.

Next thing that happened was him smiling and asking would you like to see? Her reaction was to simply Nod yes… My smiling.

Before i knew it his jeans were being undone and pulling out what was already a huge semi…. She just smiled looking at it and turned to me saying wow….

He started jerking it for her and it wasn't long before he was fully hard.

I must admit it even had me looking at it in slight shock of how big it was, It was mostly the thickness of it.

I knew it wouldn't take her long before she lowered her mouth onto it and began sucking on him for all she was worth, By far it was the sexiest site i've seen. she was slurping and sucking away.

He simply leaned back and moaned away as she was moaning at the same time as sucking him

This went on for a good few minutes and i was simply loving what i was seeing she was really going for it with him taking him as deep as she could, occasionally gagging herself.

All of a sudden traffic had started to come through the car park at this point they stopped playing in the back risk of being caught. Traffic still coming through he asks me to go for a quick drive and we will try find some where more quiet and secluded.

I did as i was asked i started to drive i noticed him lean his head back again and her head disappear out of my rear view mirror, i then heard that all familiar slurping sound and knew exactly what was going on.

I continued to drive around and thought id see if the business park car park was quite for us to pull up at. it was a good 10 minutes away and i let them know where i was going. Not that they even heard me…

A minute or so later i seen her head come up and they met and started kissing very passionately as i looked on though the mirror.

He then whispered into her ear not knowing what, i just seen her smile and nod and her lean back down out of view.

After all this had happened i asked what he whispered where she told me he asked if she would like to slide into her pussy, She also said while he was kissing her and asking the question he was already rubbing her pussy with his hand.

Me being oblivious to this just saw her disappear out of view followed by him, trying to concentrate on driving and remember the directions i carried on driving looking in the mirror hoping to catch a glimpse of what they were doing.

A little bit of time passed to where i began to hear load moaning coming from her and that very familiar sound of her pussy being slammed, This came confirmed where she in the middle of her moans let slip that he is the biggest dick she's ever had inside her and he feels so amazing.

That being said i turned around to the view of them both laid across the back seat of my car his bare ass going up and and down, as he pounds her for all his worth, Her legs wrapped around him holding on tight.

The noise and smell they were creating was amazing and i was really struggling to concentrate now as she was getting worse, Telling him to fuck her hard and not to stop. I just pulled into the car park where i was able to view the amazing site of his dick pumping in and out of her pussy covered in her juices, This went on for a few minutes till he pulled out of her telling her he was going to cum, He sat back and she went straight to work in sucking his huge cock, he places his hand over the back of her head and tells her he's gonna cum. She swallows most of his cum only spilling a small amount on to the back seat.

I manage to drive us all back to the car park to collect the cars as she was a tight time limit not to bring attention to her husband. We both say good bye to him and that we will be in touch for the threesome.

She then kisses me good night passionately still able to taste his cock and cum in her mouth. She then leaves me and my now very hard dick to sort out myself.

If that was just her sample i can't wait till she has both of our cocks all night at the hotel. Obviously i'll post that story when it happens in a couple of weeks time.