Written by Sally and Frazer

28 Feb 2009

Last weekend we went to our first party and I thought others considering this next step might like to hear what it's really like.

We've been in the scene a few years now, meeting the occasional couple and really enjoying the fun and social times together, however the effort in arranging them means there are long periods of frustration in between. So when this invite came out of the blue, it was certainly something new, something different and something rather exciting! So we immediately said 'yes'!

As we drove down to Cardiff, we weren't nervous to be honest, more apprehensive. We didn't really know anyone on the guest list, although their profiles looked great. They of course didn't know us either. We were told afterwards that there is always a big risk inviting new people into a familiar group and home, as sometimes things really don't work out. However, we seemed to pass the first test, whatever that was!

The house was modern, large and luxurious, set on the edge of a housing estate, near a main road and surrounded by high trees. The driveway had about 20 cars in it by the time we arrived and people were already starting to park in the street. But to anyone looking in from the outside, it would appear just like a large normal social gathering. The music was pumping away noisily and the people, all in very sexy evening attire, were entering with the usual bottles of wine and small edible gifts, just like any other party.

The hostess, a curvy warm lady Sue welcomed us into the house and we saw immediately that she had gone to great lengths to design a sexy atmosphere throughout the house. There were candles everywhere, low lighting, red drapes and ornaments, lots of decoration, nothing 'tacky', just really tasteful and in keeping with the sexy theme of the night. The big crowd in the kitchen, (aren't they always?) were lively, very familiar with each other and talking about the usual topics of business, families, pets and kids. There was a large table of finger food and an ever growing range of bottles covering the counter.

With drink in hand we were then shown around the house by a very sexy friend of the hostess Katy. A slim welsh lady in her 30's with the longest shapely legs and shortest skirt I've ever seen, in which she looked great. There were five bedrooms all beautifully decorated, some with four poster beds, all with black or red satin sheets, subtle lighting and yet more minimal decorations. This couple certainly knew how to throw a party and must really trust their visitors. We didn't know whether to have sex there and then, or try to move in!

The crowd was noisy and friendly. Tight clothing was optional and by 10 o'clock, various states of undress were on display, from both men and women. Just outside the kitchen door, a slim guy wearing a roman gladiator skirt was flirting with Katy, drinking and chatting, and when I looked down I saw her casually stroking his growing cock. Another lady also saw what what was going on and got down on her hands and knees for a closer inspection. Things were definitely beginning to hot up!

The rules of the bedroom doors seemed easy enough which Katy explained. If closed, don't come in. If slightly ajar, have a peek and perhaps you may get invited in, and if fully open, then come right on in! Another visit upstairs to the loo and we could see various body parts through the doors in the low light and the noise of sex was starting to sound out in regular form. We were beginning to feel horny, and unsure what we should do next. We were comfortable, smiling and chatting to folk, but no one seemed to be making a move on us, and so were a bit unsure.

Rescue came in the form of a beautiful couple Jenny and Joe, who started talking to us as we came down. It turned out it was only their second party, and although they were comfortable like us in the surroundings, there were not into the 'free for all' sex which was taking part in certain places upstairs. Jenny was a beautiful, and I do mean beautiful, petite dark haired lass with fabulous eyes from Bristol. You could see her breasts were curvy and very inviting underneath the revealing silky black dress she was wearing, and I was trying hard not to stare as we talked about photography, hobbies and similar experiences. Joe on the other hand was as tall as me. Six foot two, slim, intelligent, with a sharp wit and cheeky smile. Sally, my slim and normally quiet petite wife, was showing incredible interest in the topics discussed and I could see we had found a couple who we would like to know better. But how? What happens next? How do we start the ball rolling?

As if by magic, there appeared to be a sudden flow of people past us heading upstairs, so we followed to join the 30 or so people packed into the main bedroom. What a sight greeted us! The four poster had three couples on it. A girl in her 20's seemed to be getting some serious attention from a queue of guys standing at the edge. Another women was sucking cock for all she was worth as a young fit guy slipped out of his briefs and into her with a resounding slap. Then the leggy Katy somehow climbed on top and another queue of guys started to form, fucking her noisily one after the other as she reached across for any cock she could find, shoving them willing into her mouth, in between gasps of delight.

All around the room, there were men and couples watching. All mostly naked and either wanking or stroking and licking between the legs of the person next to them.

It was all too much for us, I knelt down and started to kiss the stocking thighs of Jenny, caressing her bum and running my hands up and down her perfectly formed legs.

Looking up I could see she and Sally were in a passionate embrace, starting to gently touch and feel each other with the sensual confidence which only women can do. Sally then placed her hand on Joe's firm bulge and he stared kissing her neck while he undid the material holding her top in place. And all the time the grunting and pounding of the sex on the four poster was the soundtrack to the vision in front of me. Within moments the urgency came upon us all and we staggered out of the room looking for somewhere with space to explore each other more intimately.

By now all the bedrooms were taken. The doors were open and we were aware of bodies moving between them, some watching, some touching and some exploring each other with an urgent sexual frenzy. We didn't care, we had found space on the large landing where a victorian chase-lougne and another chair gave us ample freedom. As Sally sat on it she said we were over dressed, and slid the shirt off Joe to reveal a slim shaved chest. Her skirt was now on the floor and they both urgently pulled at each others remaining garments to reveal her pert tits, beautiful flat stomach and shaved pussy.

I in turn was enjoying kissing Jenny. Such wonderful full lips and a tongue peircing. Something I hadn't experienced before, what a joy. Her black dress fell to the floor and her firm breasts and erect nipples fell into my hands as if they were made to be there. I hungrily started to nip and nibble her nipples which caused her to moan and pull my head closer to her body. Kneeling as she turned away from me, she worked her way between Sally's legs and Sally gasped as Jenny hit the spot, drinking her juices and enjoying the sweet taste of heaven, as I removed her black thong and started to lick her pussy and anus.

By now I was as hard as a rock and Jenny began to rub the tip of my cock against the clit, gyrating in time with her licking of Sally's pussy. Sally suddenly said 'oh my god' and I could see the full size of Joe's cock in her hands as she stared at it. Cock envy over came me! Although he was a long as I was, he was twice as thick. She must think all her Christmases had come at once!

Jenny said to me 'do you want to taste your wife's pussy?' and eagerly kissed me again as we somehow, we changed positions. I was now lying on my back next to Sally, as Jenny then turned her attention to my cock. God she was good. Bloody good! She took it all, twisted her hands on the shaft and then pounded down again and again. These two were incredible!

Sally on the other hand begged Joe to get a condom, which he slid on to his fat cock with some effort. And then, with my gorgeous wife lying next to me, he placed the tip of his cock against her lips and slowly, ever so slowly slid into her. Sally shuddered and gasped in pain, pleasure and desire as the first climax overcame her. Without any urgency, he started to stroke in and out of her pert little body. With my cock well and truly being taken care of, I reached across and slid a finger over Sally's clit and started to gently tease the gorged head, as I felt the Joe's shaft thrusting beneath my fingertip.

Sally was a very happy girl and she kissed me deep and hard, struggling for breath as each stroke thrust into her and shook her frame. This mix of bodies, pleasure and extreme heightened state, couldn't last long. And after what seemed to be forever, Joe suddenly pulled back, ripped off the condom and came all over Sally's perts tits, which she rubbed in as she kissed him deeply.

It was too much for me, and I burst my load into Jenny's expert mouth. She sucked, drank and licked me clean in moments, even though I kept coming. God she was bloody fantastic. And as we all lay there in a heap of exhausted pleasure, we notice the audience around us. Guys wanking and women with their eyes fixed on us, greedily sucking the cocks of guys with them, as they all came one after the other.

We then headed back downstairs, to join the others in the kitchen as we were all hungry. Moving into the lounge area where a real fire was blasting out a copious amount of heat, we chilled, chatted and watched calmly as another couple fucked hard and loud in front of the fire.

By this time it was very late for us, and we were starting to think about getting our heads down somewhere. However it was just the beginning for the hardened party goers, who once re-fueled, headed back upstairs for more sex. From the sounds coming through the floor above, they weren't disappointed.

Ultimately we collapsed from exhaustion in a quiet room at 4am and although we slept, we were awoke many times during the night by some very noisy sex on the stairs and an organism which seemed to take forever to complete! I wonder who that was?

So how was our first party? The swinging scene is full of some very interesting and fun filled people from all ages and backgrounds. This was a large party, and the mix was exactly the same. It was a pleasure to mix with a group hedonistic people, comfortable with who they were, the hobby they shared and the open enjoyment they get from it. Ourselves included. Would we go again? Yes without a doubt. Did we feel scared or out of our depth? No. Not in the slightest and the only time we had to say 'no' to a passing participant, it was no hassle. Where else can you go these days to share such pleasures, to be who you really are, without risk of judgment and ridicule?