Written by seb

10 Oct 2009

In the cinema and the woods I had seen so much and now my Parisien friends were about to show me hospitality. They had picked me up in the sex .cinema, taken me to the Bois on a sight-seeing trip and I was aching for relief, release and satisfaction. I was to get it.

As we left the two girls and five men in their fuck,suck, wank and spunked state Pierre and Sandrine took me to a place they evidently knew. A bank by a small lake with a bench. It was nearly dusk. No-one was around. We sat on the bench. I was pretty sure Sandrine was going to be spit-roasted and I relished the thought of fondling her body, of feeling my hard cock between those lovely lips and pushed up between her thighs whilst watching Pierre working the other end.

Reading my thoughts she pulled my head down and kissed me on the lips, her tongue worming its way in to explore my mouth. Her hand slid down to my aching cock. I felt the zip undone, my pants pushed down and my cock gently released and then my balls. She continued to kiss me expertly whilst playing with my excited manhood. Then she slid both hands round my neck whilst my prick continued to be expertly worked, not by her, but by him. It felt fantastic. My balls were fondledand prick stroked gently up and down, lingering as it crossed the head and tightening to end with a pull, as if to say, \"Get even bigger. Get even longer\". Perhaps aa man has a better understanding of how to thrill a cock. He knows how it feels on himself.

Then she moved away from my lips, unzipped him, release him from trousers and pants rubbed him up to hard and indicated for me to wank him. She watched me do this whilst she gently wanked me and then slid on her knees in front of us and whilst we held each others cocks, she sucked first one, then the other. Her mouth was good there too. It was incredible. Then she had our trousers off. I slid my hand down the vee of her sweater. The breasts were neat and firm. The nipples were firm.

Pierre slid to his knees she came up to the bench and stretched out. Pierre pushed up her skirt. No pants as I\'d hoped. Hair neatly groomed his head went down to he as her legs opened. Her head in my lap she twisted it and ran her lips up and down the length of my shaft. As his head was buried in her thighs a hand was working himself. She was being sucked. He was wanking and I was being pleaured bythe most perfect lips and tongue. I wanted to come in her mouth and be sucked dry. I wanted to explode inside her body leaving love cream to drip out of her and run down her legs. I wanted my juice to lubricate her so he could slide in easily.

It would be good for her to suck and let us both wnank and shoot over her face and breasts and into her mouth as she watched both of us express our wonder at her sexuality.

Still she sucked me, lips drawing up smoothly and moistly over the ridge at the base of the helmet, slowly up. tongue teasing the the top. Off for a moment for us to look at how well she was doing, the back down. Fantastic.

Pierre stood up, rigid cock in hand. She sat up both stood proudly aroused before her. She took a cock in each hand, gently teasing their lengths, hands rounding their heads, took both in hand so I could feel Pierre.s cock throbbing against mine. Then she drew us both tards her, put her head forwards, both of us in her mouth together. As I looked down I could see the bulge in each side of her cheeks as she slid her mouth over the two cocks. With this I couldn\'t remain passive. My buttocks twitched and I started to fuck deep into her cheek. Pierre was doing the same. Two sets of male hips were bucking backwards and forwards. Two big cocks were disappearing in and out of her mouth balls swinging freely. We held the back of her head,instinctively pulling it forwards each time to meet our forwards thrusting hips. Both of her hands were between her legs-rubbing and slipping in and out. I was going to lose control. I could feel it. Pierre had a glazed look on his face. She pulled back. \"Non, Non, Non!, she cried grabbing our cocks at the base to stop any imminent ejaculation. Shocked, frusted? Yes, but it meant more to come.

Sandrine had noticed someone else appear. A young woman on her own had walked into view and had stopped on seeing us.