Written by Harry_22

3 Jan 2014

The van was pretty basic inside. Dan dropped my bag in the back where there was a mattress made up with duvets and pillows with a small cupboard off to the side. There was a cabinet frame which looked like it was ready for a cooker unit.

“Not exactly ready,” Dan said, “but I could not pass up the opportunity to take it out for a ride.” He could not contain his own chuckle as he shut the doors up and walked me forwards and opened the sliding door. I was quite surprised as I opened the door, not just because both of Dan’s passengers were female, but what a difference there was in their age. He introduced me in turn to Bekki, she looked about mid 20s, loose brown hair around her shoulders and had a slender figure with big boobs. It was easy to ascertain this as she was wearing a short black cocktail dress that did not leave much to the imagination. Dawn I guessed to be in her 50s, in contrast to Bekki she was in jeans and top with a smart looking jacket over. She had long hair two, pulled back into a pony tail. It was the lines on her face that gave her age away, but her smile was so warm that that was all I really saw. We swapped hellos, Bekki leaning out slightly to kiss me hello, she went straight for a the lips, but Dawn offerd out her hand for a shake.

We drove out with me up front with Dan and straight away there was laughter and music as we all settled in, a good group that felt like we knew each other already. After about an hour we arrived at our destination, a small holiday park that was littered with wooden lodges. I could not fault Dan’s choice; ours was the last one of the group of wooden homes with a great view back down the hill over the roofs of the others. Bekki ooh’d at the hot tub on the small veranda. Dan jumped out and helped Dawn out her side.

“Give us a minute guys,” he said yanking the door shut behind him.

I turned to Bekki and the look on her face sent stirring straight back to my cock.

“So back at the house,” she enquired, “did you suck Dan off?”

“Oh I did,” I answered wondering how appropriate it would be to just climb back over there.

“Oh wow,” she said quietly, opening her legs a little and playing her fingers over her knees and slightly up her thighs, “I have been wet thinking about that since Dan told us you were likely to go for it as soon as you saw him!”

I laughed my reply, looking up and down her fine body once more, “Well he does know what I like,” I told her making my mind up.

Bekki moved over in her seat as she saw I was sliding around mine to move back in the van. I sat close to her so we turned into each other to kiss, this time out tongues dove straight for each other and where my mouth had been dry with anticipation it was now wet from her sloppy snog. She shifted to be square in her seat in response to my hands on her body giving me full access to her round tits, the nipples of which were now pushing through the stretched material. She reacted with moans as my hands ran around her D cups and she let out a little whimper as I pinched on each of her nipples in turn. Her hand was on the back of my head now, her fingers in my hair and I felt her other hand join mine also cupping and caressing her tit through the dress. Knowing that her tits were being looked after it was time for me to get between her legs. Her pale thighs that I had seen so keenly earlier felt even greater than they looked and I slid my hand up eagerly with nothing but moans of encouragement. She moaned hard into my mouth which distracted me, I pulled back from her lips to see her pinching hard on her nipples coinciding with her noises. I smiled broadly, I love this as well and so I pulled my hand from up her dress to pinch and pull on her other one as well. Like she had been hit with an electric shock her back arched at my squeeze and I could feel a tremble from her hips telling me that she was having even more of a reaction in her pussy. I knew that feeling as well, my cock was straining in my pants like it had been since we were left in her on our own. Bekki was so hot I wanted her pussy right then.

I kissed her deeply and shoved my hand straight up her legs again eager to get to her wetness. I was surprised to find underwear, my probing fingers met a warm smooth material. I traced my finger tip across about an inch of the material, but when I reached the familiar feel of her skin I found that the material I was feeling was quite rigid and I could not lift it up. I pulled back from Bekki’s face once more.

“What?” I asked her. She breathed hard her hand in her hair, eyes closed and her fingers still tweaking her nipple like she was tuning a radio.

“I know,” she replied, “they are killing me!” She opened her eyes and kissed me again before explaining more, “Dawn gave them to me for Christmas, I have to wear them whenever I am not sleeping, They are virtually impossible to take off it seems, I am only allowed to when she is there!” I put my hand there again and felt the warmth, thinking about the pent up feelings that were trapped inside.

“I know,” she told me, “I have not come in days!” There was real yearning in her tone and face flushed red as I pressed on the crotch again. “God I want to fuck!”

“And I want to fuck you,” I answered plainly. She moved now and her hand went to my jeans, she clasped my hard on, six inches and slim, but rock hard.

“Fuck me, Harry,” she pleaded.

“How?” I asked exasperated.

“Shit just give me some cock!” she was undoing my jeans and we were turning sideways on the seats until some how we stumbled back through on to the mattress. Facing each other and leaning me away. Her head lowered and her mouth closed over my throbbing cock and with all the excitement of the morning so far I thought I was going to spunk off right there and then.

But instead I leapt out of my skin. The door behind Bekki slid open and standing there was Dawn was standing there a serious look on her face, a look that was softened by the fact that she was wearing a fluffy white dressing gown now.

“Hmmmm, she is so cock hungry right now, I fucking love it,” she said calmly. She reached in and took hold of Bekki’s hair, lifting and pushing her head on my cock. I felt the heat all around my shaft and dribble running to my balls, she did not gag at all and I was impressed, Dawn pulled hard and lifted Bekki upright, her arm snaked around her straight away and her finger tips found her puckered nipples easily. She pinched on them very pronouncedly with her thumb and forefinger making her cry out. Bekki had such a wanton look on her face.

“I understand that she is not the only one, Harry,” she smiled at me. From nowhere she pulled a collar and expertly put round Bekki’s neck. It already had a leash attached and she tugged it gently moving Bekki out of the way. She tethered the handle to a the cabinet so that she was crouched in the corner. From this angle I could see black glistening of her underwear. Dawn moved back to me and let her gown fall open and off her shoulders. Like her smile he body belied her age, she was in great shape wearing a small black bikini, a triangle for briefs and triangle patches on the small mounds of her tits. Like Bekki though, it was easy to see her nipples through the material as well. She straddled my legs and walked up my body on her knees. I lay there excited by the situation as she stopped over my cock, lowering herself slightly to rub my length. She put her hand there and I watched eagerly waiting for her to pull the briefs aside and guide me into her.

“Oh not yet, Harry,” she told me as she traced her finger instead along wear I imagined her pussy crease to be. Instead she kept moving up my body, her slender legs around my stomach then chest. As she neared my face she pulled on the bikini at the side and it fell away so I was given the view of her trim pussy, short neat hairs framing her puffy lips. I only had a couple of seconds to take in the view however as she lifted herself up and over my arms to place herself on my face.

My tongue lanced out on instinct and licked once before it was flattened back to my mouth. She was wet and tasted sweet and she ground on my mouth more than I licked her, but between her moving I made my tongue rigid and got it in her. She liked this and it settled her movements. I could just make out the rhythm of her breathing as it was in time with her body and I am sure I heard her call me a ‘good boy’. He legs clamped on me from time to time and I would later learn that Dawn has a build up to orgasm of several little ones. After the third clamping and her body going rigid, she moved around more and I found that she would position her self where she wanted me to lick. I had my tongue flicking over her arsehole when I felt my jeans being pulled down and a warm grip on my shaft. This was nice but I was not in danger of coming now as I was engrossed in following Dawn’s lead and listening to her commands; ‘oh yes and now my pussy, yes that is it – tongue my arse’. From behind and beneath her a finger joined my actions, I guessed it was hers form the nail that scraped on my tongue. The digit slid into her wet snatch as the flicking of my tongue was matched to her clit and I knew that this would be the trigger for her coming. I felt her knees nearly squash my head and her controlled but loud breathing and gasping let me know it was near. Her body tensed above me and then it quivered as she let out a breath she had been holding, bucking now on my face as a warm wetness spread itself around my mouth and cheeks.

She stayed there a while riding her ridge back and forth over me and as my sense calmed down a bit I realised that I was getting a blow job again, my cock hard and hot pushing into a wet mouth, I knew it was Bekki and as Dawn lifted off I saw the mass of he hair bobbing up and down over my cock.

“Mmmm, you want to come, Harry?” Dawn asked and I could only manage a moan in reply.

“I bet you do,” she continued, but then to my dismay she pulled on the lead and lifted Bekki’s head up off me, “but we need to go inside now,” an dI watched as Bekki almost painfully pushed my cock down and back into my jeans.

“Yes,” Dawn said, “let’s go and see Dan and then I think you can come…”

I admired her openness as she stepped out of the van in only her bikini top (and I noticed then that she was in heels as well!) and walked Bekki in by the leash. I watched both their pert rears disappear and got up to follow them inside…