Written by sam

10 Nov 2012

Let me tell you about how my new man has changed my life and how my sex life went from being missionary maybe twice a week with the lights off, to the complete opposite in every possible way.

Ive known dave for many years but until only a few months ago it had only been flirtatious harmless fun. Then it all started with sudgestive txting which very quickly went to sharing fantasys mine being with another woman but when he sudgested a mmf threesome i was instantly wet, so after a while i agreed and he made the arrangements. I was so nervous but equally excited, whilst he went to pickup our third party i got myself ready, a short black backless dress black stockings and stilletos i made myself comfortable on the bed and awaited there return. When they walked in the room they looked at each other and just smiled removed there clothes and set about removing mine there hands were everywhere the feeling was undiscibable as 1 kissed my neck and pinched my nipples the other was working his fingers in my pussy and before i new it i had 1 very large cock in my mouth and the other pumping my pussy from behind, i was in heaven i could feel my legs begining to get week as my orgasm was building so they switched places so i was to be on top of our friends huge cock and sucking on daves as if my life depended on it as every muscle in my body spasmed and my orgasm exploded i new at that moment i was addicted and there would be many more threesomes to come just how many i was not prepared for but thats another story. to be continued....