Written by Abi&Tom

24 Mar 2007

My Wife Abi was PA to one of the Managers (John) at a large firm in our town, where we both work. John had invited us to his house as he was retiring and moving to Australia to be nearer his remaining family, his wife having left him some year before.

Though she was much younger that him, she's 33 and he's 55 I've always known she has a bit of a thing for him in fact she has told me how at one Christmas party he snogged her and even had a feel of her breasts before they were interrupted. This didn't bother me as I've always liked watching her flirt with other men.

The party at his house was drawing to a close and John Abi and I were the last ones there. John had left the room to get another bottle of wine and I was asking Abi about him as she has been dancing and flirting with him all night. "How far would you have gone that Christmas?" I asked her "I don't know" she said "I was pretty drunk". "You've had a few tonight" I said, "would you have let him fuck you?" I asked her, starting to nuzzle her neck and stroke her thigh. She was getting turned on and whispered back "yes" I thought about it as I kissed and stroked her and maybe it was the booze but I thought "fuck it why not". "Well if you want to you can fuck him tonight" I said. "Really, you wouldn't mind?" she said. "Its the last time you'll ever see him" I said "so go for it just this once. If he wants you".

A few seconds later John came back and poured us some more wine. Abi said "You've been a great boss over the years John and I have an extra present for you to remember me by". What is it" he asked. Abi walked to where he was sitting, knelt down and then took his cock out and started to suck it. He looked at me and I winked which seemed to relax him. "Would you like to fuck my Abi?" I asked as she licked his cock. "I've wanted to fuck Abi since the day I met her" he said. "Do you wank thinking about her?" I asked "All the time" he said. With that Abi stood up and slowly undid her blouse, taking her time and looking right at John. She then slipped of her skirt and stood in front of her boss in her bra, panties and stockings. He was wanking and watching her and I released my dick and also wanked as I enjoyed the show. She unclipped her Bra and exposed her tits to him and I heard him gasp as she stepped out of her panties showing him her neatly shaved cunt and saying "fuck me boss".

He quickly stripped and took his time making sure he remembered ever inch of her naked body and then he stuck his rock hard cock in her eager cunt. He must have been gagging for her because all to soon he shot his spunk into Abi's fanny. She sat him down and looking at me said "your turn". She then started sucking his limp cock back to life as I fucked her from behind. Her cunt was hot and sticky with his spunk inside her and after ramming my cock into her as hard as I could she received a second load of spunk in her dripping fanny. I then sat back and watched as she sucked him until he was hard again and this time when he fucked her he lasted for ages. He defiantly made her cum and she even surprised me by screaming that she wanted to taste his spunk ( she won't swallow me and says she hate the taste) . But John didn't mind and soon pulled out of her wet cunt and shoved his dick in to her mouth. I watched as she allowed his sperms down her throat, never spilling a drop. He Spunked in her once more that night as she rode him to a shattering orgasm for both of them and he thanked us so much when we left that I felt embarrassed.