Written by Emily

28 Apr 2011

I am a 20 year old student nurse at university in Bristol and have had a steady boyfriend of four years or so. Things had got a little stale and I was starting to find more exciting ways to get myself excited plus my boyfriend was keen to keep things fresh so always respected what I was up for. Last year on freshers week, there was a fancy dress party at one of my local clubs and the theme was school days, so I dug out the naughtiest schoolgirl outfit i could find with the intention of giving the guys something to gawp at. Come the night, there I was decked out in a cropped white blouse with my tight tanned midriff showing. I had my tiniest black skirt on cut well above the knee, a pair of black hold-up stockings and my highest Kurt Geiger heels. I looked pretty slutty and being a very pretty size ten blonde (or so I've been told), I was pretty sure I'd gain a fair bit of attention.

Off I went on the night out and sure enough I got quite a few admiring glances and comments, and I was sinking a fair few vodka and cokes and getting very drunk and quite horny. The lads who were trying to chat me up were fairly immature as far as I was concerned though and weren't really doing it for me, until I noticed a group of older guys who seemed to be having a good time and seemed much more my thing. Anyway, I danced up near to them and started to gain a few cheeky dances and comments, until I started talking to one of the guys, called Rich. He said they were basically a roofing company, on a job in Bristol just enjoying a night out but were up for a bit of fun as they all had women back home. My ears started to perk up as he said they had a couple of rooms in the nearby Marriott hotel. This guy was about 40 but was well chiselled, quite muscly and cheeky, and he was obviously into me as he kept dancing up close and pinching my arse. Come 2pm he said he was off but did I want to join them? I jumped at the chance and walked back to the hotel with them before having a drink in the bar, feeling like a complete slut in my schoolgirl outfit. Before long, he said they were heading up and invited me up for a drink from the minibar so feeling ready for something a bit naughtier, I decided to join. As we got upstairs, me and three of the guys piled into the room and started to down more vodka. It was at this point, I realised that there may be a bit more action than I expected as two of the guys sat either side of me and started enthusiastically fondling my stockinged thighs. They were both about 40 plus but I was well up for an older man so enjoyed it and leaned back to offer myself more.

Rich started kissing me and basically said they were up for a bit of group fun and would I mind if they all enjoyed my body. Being desperate for all of their cocks, I obliged and so began the raunchiest night I've experienced, the other guys introduced themselves as Mark and Terry and set about devouring every inch of my body. Rich eased my tits out of my black bra and white blouse and started gently teasing and sucking my nipples as Mark and Terry turned me over and bent me over the bed. They ran their hands all along the back of my hold-ups before hitching my tiny black skirt up and taking it in turns to rim my asscrack. The feeling was incredibly sensual and intense and it was a relief when they started to run their tongues over my arsecheeks and give me some respite. Rich smeared his unbelievably hard cock around my face and I eagerly took it in my mouth and lapped away at the throbbing red shaft whilst gazing intently into his deep blue eyes. Mark was thrusting two fingers in and out of my soaking wet vagina and I was trembling at being dominated by these older men. Terry then grabbed me and hoisted me over the hotel dressing room table and spread my legs apart from behind, he started to fuck me from behind whilst coarsely grabbing and spanking my arsecheeks, when he came he pulled out and shot it all down my legs, I could feel his warm semen soak into my nylons and it felt incredible. Mark then beckoned me on to the bed and positioned me on all fours so my skirt was riding up around my waist, he caressed my arse which was raw from the spanking and the started to slide his rock hard member up my arsehole. I was whimpering at the intensity of the girth but absolutely craving it at the same time. He started to build a rhythmic motion before ejaculating and I could feel the warm trickle as he unloaded in my tight arse. Rich smiled as I regained my composure and I knew my last fuck was going to be what I had been waiting for, my skirt was covered in cum stains and I was ready to be treated like a whore by this stud who was old enough to be my dad. He ran his finger along my arse before flipping over and starting to lap away at my soaking wet cunt with his tongue. My legs wrapped around his head and I was gasping, screaming for him to take me and make me cum. He lifted me up and walked me through to the bathroom, my high heels clacking against the tiled floor as I sluttily teetered in. He bent me in half over the sink and proceeded to fuck me from behind harder then I have ever been fucked as he stared into my eyes and talked filth about being my teacher and teaching me a lesson for being a slut. He made me cum as my body jerked and convulsed, before her shot his load and sprayed it all over my arse. I collected myself as I caught my breath from the intense session and they guys called me a taxi. I left my hold-ups with the guys as a keepsake with a promise to be friends on facebook. When I got home, my boyfriend couldn't believe the state of my outfit but was very turned on by my recounting of the event. So much so, he tore my clothes and rampantly fucked me as I wore just my heels. What a night, and one I will struggle to live up to ever again!