Written by mustang

1 Nov 2008

Whilst fucking my girlfried recently we were reliving a true experience we had last year so thought i\'d let you all about it.

I\'m a slim muscular 5\'11\" bloke and my girlfriend is a slim petite size 8 stunner ... very sexy looking and is always turning heads. We decided to advertise for another guy to join us for some hot fun. We have no inhibitions so we didn\'t put many rules on the meeting, apart from he couldn\'t come in her pussy, instead to use her her arse or mouth.

Anyway after deciding which of the many respondees to meet we made arrangements for the following night. I met him in a pub near our house in yorkshire just to make sure he was suitable and wasn\'t a nutter. We had a quick beer and went to the house. He was as per the response - slim muscular and good looking, and said he was vwe.

When we entered the bedroom he was very pleased with her and she made it clear she was happy with my choice. I jumped into the en-suite shower and asked them not to get started till i was done. I rejoined them and was please to see they were only kissing so i took my towel off and got on the bed.

my g/f stripped him off and smiled wildly when she prised out a 9 inch cock, very thick and with a huge head. Without messing about she immediately took him in her mouth, only just fitting his huge cock in her tiny pretty mouth. This have me a huge hardon so i started sucking her tits and rubbing her clit. After a while she pulled his cock out and asked him if i could suck it. He said sure so i took my second cock ever in my mouth and started to wank himm off in my mouth.

we swapped the sucking around a few times with her spending most of her attention on him (i wasnt complaining). He asked to suck me which i obviously obligedFinally we both knelt over her and came in her face - him first with me bending down to catch some in my mouth, and then i shot a huge load over her face and in her mouth. I always come a good load and once again i soaked her.

She then spent ages kissing him intimatley and trying to wank him back hard again, whilst i started fucking here. She then got on her back and was wanking him off with her pussy, trying to get himmhard so he could fuck her. This went on for ages until bit by bit he got it hard enough to sink into her tight cunt. I nearly came on the spot.

He was very slowly penetrating her and kissing each other passionately - it was more like them making love than a one-off fucking.

I was at the side off her, sucking and playing with her tits whilst he fucked her with his huge cock. When he wasnt kissing her she looked at me and it was the horniest thing i have ever seen - she LOVED being fucked by this stranger stud.

I then heard him whisper \"ill be coming soon\" and she whispered back i want you to fuck me and come inside me. To give him his due he did question her answer and mentioned our rules from earlier. She just looked up at him and send fuck me, fill me with your cum!.

Though this is what we agreed not to do, i was really turned on. he started pumping his come slowly into her tight cunt and stayed there for ages. I was wanking furiously and as soon as he withdrew his still swollen cock i replaced it with mine and after 30 seconds or so shot my load deep into her well fucked pussy.

we all lay spent, not saying a lot but she was still kissing him and playing with his cock. after an hour or so of this i had to tell him it was time to go (3am) and walked him downstairs.

When he left i got into bed with my well fucked g/f, neither of us showering and kept feeling her cum filled pussy all night.

Next time i\'ll tell you about the night before (our first MMF) but it was a bit of a disaster, i still got to fuck her and suck my first cock