Written by Lyre

8 Jul 2009

Well its been a year since I posted my first story (see Magic Massage). A lot has happened since then I intend to share as many stories as possible. Now that my wife and I had experienced another person in our sex lives we wanted to do more. What I didn't expect was my wife to do was pursue this alone! ... well kind of. I was away on a business trip and managed to come home a day early. I wanted to surprise my wife with coming home early so as I drove from the airport I phoned home. It went straight to answerphone. I was bitterly disappointed as I had been a way for almost a week and needed some intimacy. As I pulled up to the house I saw an unfamiliar car on the driveway. I assumed it was one of her friend's. I quietly let myself in and immediately heard some interesting noises coming from upstairs. I very quietly walked up and saw that our bedroom door was slightly ajar. I peaked through with my heart beating hard and fast. What I saw made my jaw drop. She was wearing nothing but black lacy hold ups and very high heels. She was on all fours sucking on this black guy's cock, while another one was fucking her from behind. A third black guy was wanking himself off while caressing her tits with his free hand. My cock instantly went hard and I quietly started masturbating. I watched for about 10 mins and they did all sorts of things to her. My wife was like a different person. She was using foul language and encouraging them to fuck in every position possible. She was acting like a slut but really enjoying it. At one point she had a cock in her ass and her pussy while she sucked the 3rd guy off. I was worried I would be discovered and didn't know what to do. I decided to go downstairs when I saw the flashing red light of our answerphone. Quietly I switched the answerphone off. When its on the phone doesnt even ring. I left the house got back in my car and drove to the next street. I dialed our home number again and after a few rings my out of breath wife picked up the phone. She made some excuse that she'd just got in from a run. I surprised her by saying that I was back early and just a few mins away. She seemed panicked and suggested I stop by the shop to pick up some wine. I told her I was too horny for that and would be there very soon. With that as I approached the house I saw the unfamilair car make a very quick exit. I let myself in the house and went straight to the bedroom. I heard the shower and saw the hold ups and high heels she had tried to hide under our bed. As I walked into the bathroom she was just stepping into the shower. I pulled her back stating I wanted to make love to her now. Her breasts were red, covered in cum and nipples swollen where they had recieved so much attention. She tried to resist but started giggling. I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her ankes. Her thighs were tightly closed but as I moved up she started to relax. I looked up and saw her looking to one side with concern on her face. As I parted her legs I started to see the cum that had dripped down her thighs. As her lips parted cum started to oooze out. I started licking it out and that drove her wild. Within 5 mins she was cuming herself and cum was still pouring out of her. I pushed her legs up high and started licking her arse which was also full of cum. I'd never fucked my wife in arse before so decided to try now. With her legs up by her ears I easily pushed my cock into her well lubricated arse and started fucking her. Her face was still looking to one side. I told her to look at me. She looked very guilty but also very turned on. I asked if she had been naughty and slowly she nodded and asked if I was angry. I just smiled and started to fucker her more and harder. She smiled with relief and proceded to lick the guys' cum off her tits and I unloaded inside her. An incredible experience.