Written by Sheila

1 Mar 2014

“How do I look?”


“Of course!”

“You look as if you have been dragged through a hedge backwards then fucked until you can barely walk.”

“Excellent! Exactly how I feel. By the way, I can barely walk.”

“I know, I carried you the last 50yds to the van.” he replied with a big grin. “Maybe you should put your skirt on? Your jacket might look a little more stylish if you had it on and buttoned instead of just draped backwards on your shoulders?”

“But then I wouldn't be naked when you carried me across the threshold to my husband,” I told him.

We were stopped at traffic lights about 10 minutes from home. White Van Man was taking me home to my husband, Tom, after about an hour of the best fucking I had ever enjoyed. I'll tell Tom how I was fucked and how much I enjoyed it but I won't tell Tom how good it really was. I don't want him to start worrying that I'll run away with this young man. Not that I would. Why should I? I'll be able to fuck him pretty much whenever I want and anybody else as well. I don't need or want to run off but I'm a considerate wife and slut, I don't want my husband worrying unnecessarily.

“What should I say to Tom?” he asked.

“What would you like to say?” I replied, the lights changed and we moved off.

“I'd like to say that he was a very lucky man and that you are the best shag I've ever had, and I would like lots more!”

“He'll like that!” I told him. He looked at me sceptically. “Seriously, trust me! He will be very happy if you tell him that, I promise. It's getting late and you haven't looked around the estate yet, can you stay for dinner? I'll get Tom to phone home if you wish and apologise for keeping you so long?”

“If it's no trouble, that would be very nice and I'd ought to clean up a bit before I get home.”

“We can have a shower together if you like?”

We pulled into the driveway, he hopped out and was round my side before I had even opened my door. Putting the shoulder bag in my lap and my skirt and jacket over his shoulder he lifted me bodily from the seat and carried me to the open front door. Tom was waiting, looking a little bit anxious but at the same time enjoying the fact that I was being returned home naked.

“Is everything OK?” asked Tom.

“I'm afraid one of us got just a little bit greedy and she is such a damn good fuck I wasn't minded to fight her off.” WVM replied with his great big beautiful grin.

Tom laughed. “Yes, she is inclined to be a bit greedy at times. Don't you just love her for it? I hope she hasn't worn you out!”

“No, I'm fine. A cup of tea, ten minutes walking around the estate and I'll be good to go again, if necessary.” He replied. Tom beamed at him. His response was instant.

“I'll put the kettle on!”

I made no attempt to dress or even cover up. Tom had seen me naked having been fucked by another man, Lionel, many times. WVM had just fucked me naked so the pair of them were seeing nothing new I reasoned. It also said I was ready, willing and able. I wanted Tom to be comfortable with the knowledge that I had been fucked by somebody new and was ready for some more. Over tea I told him a little of what had happened as much to put WVM at ease as to stimulate my husband. Tom made the required phone call thus buying me more time for cock. I started dinner preparations and Tom did the honours showing WVM around the estate.

The tiny string was doing nothing to contain the spunk, so I removed it. I would return it, heavily cum stained, to the Young Lion in the morning for his trophy drawer, as he called it.

They returned and sat at the table. “Do you think you could knock her into shape, Steve,” asked Tom. My ears pricked up!

“I think so! Maybe a couple of months to get things straight then, maybe two or three hours a month to keep everything trim!” Now they had my full attention!

“How much, do you think?” Tom asked.

“Well I could run to £25 a go, at a pinch. Would that be enough?” Steve? White Van Man had a real name it seems.

“You're offering £25 to work in our garden?” Tom sounded surprised.

“The garden? I thought we were talking about Sheila!” Steve retorted and they both burst out laughing! I threw the dish cloth at them.

When things had settled down Tom suggested that, as Steve looked tired, I should take him upstairs for half an hours' lie down before a shower whilst he finished sorting out dinner. Being a good, obedient slut wife I led Steve off to bed.

Steve peeled of his floppy, can you peel off something that is floppy?, shirt and I knelt before him removing his baggy trousers and boxers. My God! He had a beautiful body! My fingers traced the outlines of the muscles in his legs as I took his cock into my mouth again. Three times in one day and I hadn't had nearly enough yet. A movement caught the corner of my eye. I looked to see a very happy, smiling Tom standing halfway up the stairs, watching me. I winked and he gave a little wave.

Steve was ready to fuck in no time. “How do you want me?” I asked. “Anyway you like, I'm easy,” he replied. With a smile to myself I thought 'No, I'm easy! And perfectly happy with it!'.

I walked to the bed and knelt on the edge - “Fuck me doggy, long and slow for a while.” I suggested. Tom would have a great view from the doorway. Steve put his hands on my hips, slid them down to my inner thighs and lifted me onto his cock! Shit! Nobody's done that before! I rested my head on my hands and just languished in the wonderful feeling of being taken, totally dominated. I had no defence, not that I wanted one. I was quite simply held, impaled on his cock and slid up and down on it, effortlessly. Changing angles of penetration, position or depth was simply a matter of lifting, lowering or shifting the relative position of cock to cunt. I came immediately! I suspect that is when I became a screamer, good and proper. It was a good job Tom was stood by the doorway watching. If he had been downstairs and heard the noise I was making he would have been bounding up the stairs in alarm, preparing to take on this man-mountain that was abusing my poor little greedy cunt so wonderfully. I turned to look at Tom. I beamed at him and mouthed a silent 'Thank You'.

I was released, although I fought valiantly against it, after what seemed to be far too short a time and made to lay on my back in the middle of the bed. Steve was soon in position, lifted my legs high and wide and, with one bound, was deep inside me gain. This time he pleasured me by adjusting the position of my legs. Sometimes wide, painfully wide then high. Twisted slightly sideways then back straight. Finally he lifted me high, wriggled his thighs under my bum and with one hand pulled me onto his lap. Once he was buried deep inside he just leant back on his heels and instructed me to bounce up and down on his cock and make my tits dance for him. Did I make my tits dance or what???

I was laying on my back again, his legs clamping mine together and he was doing that fantastic cock rolling around my cunt movement again. I was in ecstasy and I'm sure I was screaming the house down when he let loose and filled my cunt with his spunk for the third? fourth?, time that day. That final burst finished me and with a very satisfied groan I peaked and jerked in time with him. I was spent, my bolt was shot and I was utterly and very contentedly exhausted. Steve collapsed, onto his forearms and smothered me with kisses. We relaxed and rested. Through the silence of absolute contentment Tom's voice drifted up the stairs. “Dinner in 15” it said.

A while later Steve carried me down the stairs and deposited me in a chair at the dinning room table. I was naked, he was naked and we had yet to shower.

Dinner was served.